Cooking mistake can make the whole family food poisoning

Coal smoke can cause cancer and respiratory diseases.

Charcoal grill

The meat is grilled food is very delicious, but using the smoke of charcoal to cook food could be harmful for the health. Coal smoke can cause cancer and respiratory diseases. So, you can replace the charcoal grill with the grill.

It is also environment-friendly methods because the coal smoke pollutes air. Avoid use of coal because it is an unfair method.

Defrost frozen food at room temperature

Often, many people have the habit of removing frozen food out at room temperature to melt the winter before processing. But did you know that the room temperature (20-22 degrees C) was very favorable environment for bacteria to grow because bacteria can thrive in the temperature range of 5-60 degrees c. the time you leave at room temperature for as long as many proliferating bacteria.

The best way to help you melt the frozen food is you use the microwave in defrost mode or to cool the refrigerator compartment down, use the cold water into the meat to quickly melt.

Use the meats re

You know, eat more meat Re will do serious influence to the serviceability of the intestinal system by harmful microorganisms in the meat, this direct impact caused some of the illnesses severe effects to the health of you.

Marinated Pork with spice Pack

Meat marinated with olive oil, herbs, lemon rind, lemon juice, honey, chili and spices are the raw materials rich in nutrients than spice marinated. Sauces and bottled soy sauce often contain a lot of sugar, salt, preservatives, colourings and artificial flavors.=


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