Corn-spirit pharmacy cheap price for everyone, every home

MissNews sweet corn has the effect of preventing tumor prevent cancer reduce inflammation of the heart muscle prevent diseases increase health and increase longevity health cancer

Corn contains lysine, selenium plays a positive role in the prevention of tumors. It rich in vitamin B, niacin help neurotransmitters and gastrointestinal function, prevention of beriberi, inflammation of the heart muscle, and maintain a beautiful skin. N help strong diuretic should be effective treatment of urinary tract infections, edema.

Photo : Corn-spirit pharmacy cheap price for everyone, every home

Corn-spirit pharmacy cheap price for everyone, every home Corn-spirit pharmacy cheap price for everyone, every home.

In the corn also contain glutathione, when combined with Selenium will generate glutathione oxidase-a substance to get back the looks fresh, prevent diseases, increase health and increase longevity.

Selenium and magnesium compounds in NGO work and prevent cancer, while Selenium and vitamin E work together, can prevent 10 types of tumors, especially breast cancer disease and colorectal cancer most frequently.

Vitamin E in corn may increase the excretion of hormones through the gonads, which can regulate hormonal balance in the body.

Corn contains flavonoids, has certain effect against macular retina. So, eat corn has the effect of protecting the eyes, prevent macular degeneration, eye light, strengthens the eyesight. In addition, selenium can điết thyroid, preventing the appearance of cataract. Effective against cancer

Sisters women eat maize every day will help breast cancer risk effectively. The reason is that in the corn containing high content of fiber as well as antioxidant, protects cells from cancer.

Moreover, in kernels contain a lot of beta-cryptoxanthin, a kind of carotenoids have antioxidant effects, helps prevent cancer of the lungs effectively. Cardiovascular protection

The amount of B vitamins in corn helps reduce raise homocysteine. If the increased raise homocysteine can destroy the capillaries, from that which leads to heart attack, stroke. Reduce blood shortages

Sweet corn contains abundant iron content can help prevent the problems of anemia. It helps to increase the level of hemoglobin in normal levels in the body. Folic acid is present in sweet corn also contributed to preventing anemia effectively. Help brain tonic

Vitamin B1 deficiency will cause you always in a State of brain fatigue and memory loss. Vitamin B1 has many in the NGO help acetylcholine-a substance transmitting nerve signals for memory.