CUC-precious herbal vegetables for winter

(MissNews)-Daisy Conversion is a popular vegetable in winter are many Favorites and is also good for herbal health..., health, healthcare, motherhood, ...

According to traditional medicine, Chrysanthemum vegetables taste sweet, bitter, aromatic, slightly, the cool, non-toxic healing, featuring real, target market, the bar fire talks, assured the gas.

Photo : CUC-precious herbal vegetables for winter

CUC-precious herbal vegetables for winter CUC-precious herbal vegetables for the winter.


Chrysanthemum vegetables fresh, rinse 150 g for drain then in a bowl, pour the boiling are porridge to up to 5-10 minutes for the heat then mix the veggies up on food to eat 2-3 times. This article has just simply have the effect of cold fast.

Curing cough phlegm

When you suffer from headaches, dizziness nausea due to poor digestion, weakness, or cold ...: take 1/2 kg carp head, a daisy improvements to, a little fresh ginger, a little wine, and spices.

Sesame fish head washed, scented, Golden fried ginger on the island are then watered wine and just enough water intake tunnel of nine. For the Daisy Cook improved to boiling, just enough seasoning.

Cure for cough in children

Vegetables Chrysanthemum 6 g (finely chopped), on a little bit of honey bring cleaning rice, decanting for the child drink several times a day.

Treat persistent cough in adults due to cold

Vegetables 100-150 g Daisy, pig lung 200 g finely into pieces, taking into the same water and eat all the soup feast, eating for 3-4 days is a process.