Dangerous 'deadly' from smoking North

(MissNews)-according to the statistics available to 80% of drugs are smuggled from Vietnam in North China, including many types when tested have pesticides, arsenic, cancer, ...

North pill originated from China

Many people still think that smoking is not added, the North also added here, no harm, no . However, according to the statistics available to 80% of drugs are smuggled from Vietnam in North China, including many types when tested have pesticides, arsenic, sulfur exceeded allowed.

Photo : Dangerous 'deadly' from smoking North

North pill originated from China contain many toxic substances.

In addition, authorities also discovered there is not at least the type of pharmaceutical imports were extracted-most of the essences is ... the firewood bin.

Mr. Nguyen Xuan Nguyen, President of the Oriental medicine Vietnam said: "Oriental medicine Vietnam truth is often not worth the worry, because of low profits, the amount not worth how much should not have the" do "is dangerous. But with Chinese medicine, the need to be alert. " According to him, Direction need be wary of Oriental medicine China is because they often mix the medicines with Eastern medicine caused dangerous side effects. In addition, Oriental Medicine of China usually have the remain balance of high plant protection substances and heavy metals content containing very large, easily causing the kind of chronic disease risk to users (such as the liver, kidney, heart, ...).

Containing sulfur

Long ago, in Oriental medicine, sulfur is the principal measure for preventing mold, creating beautiful light color for medicinal herbs. However, many production facilities for running the profit took advantage of the sulfur content exceeding the rules allow, despite its harmful effects for .

According to the experts, preserved by sulfur is very dangerous by eastern medicine is the medicine is made from roots, stems, leaves, grass and trees from the skin, animals ... easy hygroscopic and is the appropriate environment for mildew to grow. However, in the process emit sulfur, will stay on the drug, potentially cause cancer if there exists a substantial amount of balance in the body. When allergic to sulfur, mild, patients may have manifesting as headache, shortness of breath, nose hole. Also in the severe level, the disease can be fatal, particularly in people with lung disease chronic obstructive bronchitis.

Kidney damage, liver damage, skin damage

According to incomplete statistics, each year, emergency Bach Mai 10-15 ca alcohol poisoning soak the drugs North, not to mention the cases of food poisoning due to ingestion of water colors directly from the native herbal medicines. Specifically a female patient, 47 years old in Haiphong have North taking drugs to treat arthritis with the purpose "to heal". But "good" where can't see back seen "data" when after a period of use of the drug, patients with liver failure, severe kidney lead to death, though the poison prevention, Bach Mai hospital actively filters the blood by dialysis.