Discover the amazing effects of breast milk

Flesh of the fruit are edible and tasty, fixes breasts made the dessert. Breast milk has a sweet taste, or served as fresh or cooled (about 10-15° C). The leaves of the breast milk is used in a number of areas such as tea and it has effect against diabetes and rheumatism. The bark is considered to contain and tonic has a stimulating effect, bark decoction is used against coughs. purple rind fruits have a thicker crust and dense-fleshed fruit still green-brown crust of thin bark and fleshy pasty

Nutritional components in a very high milk of calcium include: 14, 65mg, phosphorus, potassium, 23mg 73 67, 2 mg, magnesium, iron, 2 3mg, 3 33mg, 73, 23mg, protein 2, 33mg, 3 3mg, fiber, energy, carbohydrates, 2 mg vitamin C, 65mg, 14, 14, 5 mg ... Which also contain many vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, gluxit, calcium, malic acid, oil chemical composition works the room strongly stain human skin healing, antibacterial ...

Here are some useful application from the results of the breast milk:

Supplement vi substances necessary for pregnant women:

Calcium, phosphorus, iron and magnesium is abundant there in the breast milk is an important component to help pregnant women and fetus development. In addition to eating, Supplement vi on substance when pregnant, mothers should eat about 100-200 g of breast milk daily fruit to complement the range needed this substance helps prevent anemia, rickets phenomenon for young children.

The breast milk help weight loss:

People often think the sweetness of milk will make people fatter, but not so, breast milk contains more water and also high fiber content helps users feeling no belly, bored the other food. Suitable for people who do not want to gain weight.

Provide the amount gluxit for the body:

Energy demand from gluxit should constitute 60% of the total energy. Without this component, will interfere with the activity of neurons. So, additional gluxit from food, the fruit is essential to good for the body and the contractions, the activity of peristalsis.

Help bone health, the type of excessive fat:

It is the desire of many people, especially pregnant women. The amount of calcium contained in breast milk can meet 10% of calcium needs to average a day of a normal person. It not only helps to keep bones strong, but also prevent excess fat in the body.

Water supply, fiber:

With overweight people then this is great food. Many people think the sweetness of milk will make people fatter, but not so, breast milk contains more water and also high fiber content will help give users the feeling of no belly, like with who don't want to gain weight more and faster.=