Discover the unexpected effects of the steel trap

Fostering body

Steel trap taste very delicious, protein and fat contained sugar, inorganic salts, vitamin A, vitamin B2, iodine ... So, who are in their adolescence, pregnancy, women's health workers should eat to fostering body.

Steel trap support enhanced ocean

Scientific studies have shown the genitalia is mostly due to zinc deficiency. With zinc compounds, not to be taking drugs that are only supplemented by food. Let's do a steel trap or sauteed, boiled Ginger Sauce dots steel trap is such, steel trap meat contains a lot of zinc should do sexually that you powerful hard to.

Steel trap treatment of diabetes mellitus

Steel trap very smoothly in the diabetes menu as it is, no longer that little powder. However, don't be so that eating too much. By steel trap live in water so it is very likely to absorb the mercury, pesticides, and other industrial waste.

Steel trap diuretic therapy

Steel trap meat salty sweetness, sustainability, non toxic, have the effect of Sonic balm, diuretic, colon, ventilation, cooling and detoxifying. You enjoy a bowl of canh chua steel trap with me and see the wonderful effects of this delicious dish .

Steel trap Sonic balm, sausage leap

Steel trap leap properties useful for Tan, wet room, able to leap the sausage balm. Let's do the dish from steel trap by cooked with carrots, potatoes, and penetrate the framing. The combination by the carrot, potato-rich health-enhancing substance, frame and piercing help strengthen blood and steel trap activity will strengthen mind power, improve your health, except for a nervous breakdown.

Use a steel trap for people with goiter

Steel trap has a high content of iodine, should people with goiter due to hypothyroidism, you should use. However, because the meat soft, immature steel trap iodine again easy to decompose should need to remember not to be boiled for long.

Curing tuberculosis 

Who tuberculosis or fever on the afternoon, night or sweating, then use a steel trap meat stews with sea Shell to eat.

Steel trap can support people who have anemia

Steel trap is a type of food contain more vitamin B12 and iron, is very good for those who suffer from anemia.

Steel trap suitable for people with cardiovascular disease

Steel trap is also low in fat, low in cholesterol and many fatty acids omega-3 should be positive food for people with cardiovascular disease.  =