Duck eggs stewed with this stuff and then eat, there is a savior for thin people, help sleep well until morning


2-3 duck eggs.

1 bunch of wormwood.

1 sprig of ginger.

Spices: Soup, seasoning seeds, cooking oil.


1, Buy Mugwort, take young leaves to wash under running water. To completely remove chemicals, if so, soak vegetables in a basin of dilute salt water. Ginger peels, rinse and cut into fine fibers.

2, Add a little cooking oil and pour wormwood and ginger to stir fry. Season with a little seasoning and seasoning to make the vegetables flavorful.

3, Pour 1 cup of water and submerge the vegetables until boiling, break the egg. Continue to boil the second time, turn down the heat, simmer for a while longer to cook eggs, then turn off the heat.

4, Ladle the duck eggs and wormwood into a bowl to eat while it's still hot. Each day eat 1 fruit in the morning, in addition, you can eat boiled duck eggs with noodles, pho, porridge. Limit eating too much because it will quickly bored.


- Do not eat cold lest loosing delicious, even hard to eat fishy.

- Can be eaten directly or served with noodles, pho, porridge are.

- Limit overeating in one go by bored.