Eat yogurt cause cancer risk

Not everyone eats yogurt is also good.

We almost everybody defaults that eating yogurt is good, but that's not always true. The yogurt as well as any other food, moderate beneficial just harmful to health if not used properly.

Cause indigestion

Yogurt contains lactose, a type of protein indigestion. Those with lactose intolerance or those experiencing digestive problems if eaten too much yogurt each day can cause symptoms such as abdominal pain, bloating, nausea, cramps or diarrhea, especially with small children. So with the older non-lactose absorption will feel uncomfortable when using yogurt.

Therefore, to avoid this phenomenon, you should know her body currently has no healthy, have no digestive problems ... to have the kind of selection appropriate yogurt (yogurt made from goat's milk, cow's milk or soy milk ...).

Cause obesity

As part of the yogurt contains sugar, if too much abuse of yogurt daily will cause increased body sugar overkill. In addition, many types of yogurt containing very high fat content and is the cause of obesity in children. This is the reason that caused many other dangerous diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, sleep disturbances and depression.

Although the yogurt has the effect of maintaining a healthy body weight, but that's in case you moderate eating to stimulate digestion.

Eat yogurt cause cancer risk

The scientists, from the Kaiser Permanente Research Center in California have reviewed records of 1500 women are diagnosed with breast cancer between 1997 and 2000 at the same time do a table ask about how often the consumption of dairy products.

The results showed that the most popular choice is the ice cream, yogurt, cheese, dark chocolate-hot dollar. Based on the results, they found that people who eat any of these products on the day have a 50% risk of death in round 1to 2 years.

The reason given is by consuming dairy products in the uk and us are all the milk from the cows became pregnant and thyroid hormone estrogen-rich. Dr. Better Caan-lead researcher on said: "The dairy foods have a high fat content is not usually recommended is unhealthy food. If the switch to using low-fat food will reduce the generation, 64% of the risk of other diseases. Unfortunately there is currently too little research as to warn the women. A general advice for us is keeping some suitable weight, use less alcohol and exercise daily will avoid the risk of cancer of the breast, as well as ensure a holistic health ".

Furthermore, the amount of the hormone injected into cows milk is also saved on the child's body, stimulates the process of puberty and increasing the risk of cancer in youngsters. If combine yogurt with contains many lubricants such as sausage, bacon ... can create N-nitrosamine likely to cause cancer is very high.

Especially, for children who are allergic to milk should also be careful with yogurts because it can cause difficulty breathing, hives, vomiting ...; can even be fatal. With children who have the digestive system not stable then the yogurt is effective treatment dose. But with older often suffer from bloating, parents should limit the amount of probiotics daily to load the next baby.

Note When using yogurt

Should not eat yogurt at hunger: When hungry, room in the stomach pH from 2 back down will do lactic yeast in yogurt easily destroyed.

At the same time, should not eat yogurt and taking drugs at the same time because of the lactic acid bacteria in yogurt will have been destroyed.

Besides, need special attention to the quality and food safety when purchasing yogurt, as well as the process of preserved when stored in the House.=