Good sleeping posture for health

You suffer heartburn

According to sleep experts Priyanka Yadav in the life Center in Hillsborough, New Jersey are leaning to the left when sleep will reduce the pressure on the lower esophageal sphincter. That's because when the muscles under pressure, acid in the stomach will have the risk of reflux back and throat irritation.

Lying on the left side with the arm to comfortably in front, knees slightly bent up to near the fetus is sleeping the best way to reduce bad heartburn you about last night. If you suffer from heartburn condition takes place continually, knee high up a bit compared to the torso and shoulders.

You hurt the jaw due to grinding teeth while sleeping

If you have the habit of grinding teeth while sleeping causes pain in the jaw, you ought to sleep supine to limit this status. This is a genetic disease affecting approximately 8% of adults worldwide. It is related to the condition of the body of stress, anxiety and sleep disorders. Grinding teeth while sleeping can also cause pain on the teeth and jaw, can even change the shape of your face.

To avoid this situation, you should be supine when sleeping. This posture allows the lower jaw fall into a natural position and facial muscles are relaxed, Carolyn Burns Taggart, doctor of dentistry American Dental Academy said. To reduce the risk of turning your head, try to keep the arms straight because we often tend to unconsciously turns toward the bent arm.

If pain in the hip region

The best way to remedy this situation is the supine person, because lying will make more hip joint subjected to more pressure from the body. Supine at least make your hip joint is rest after a long day walking or sitting in one spot. You can also insert the pillow under the knees if comfortable.

Sore jaw

These diseases cause the pain the jaw can lead to stress, anxiety, disorders of the sleep or even change your face. So, be patient to jaw bone be to natural posture in the face and will be rested.

You can put your hands parallel to the body to avoid the first condition being tilted to one side for the first part we regularly inclined on the side of the arm is folded while asleep.

The neck is frozen

In case you suffer from neck pain or stiffness, high pillows will make the situation worse because they will make your folded spine and muscle tension in the neck, since it makes the neck pains.

Look for a pillow with a height just enough ease with life back or best not lying supine and pillows to the neck is straight with a spine!

Do you suffer from back pain

According to Mr. Robert s. Rosenberg, Director of the Medical Center sleep disorder of Prescott Valley and Flagstaff, Arizona, then about 40% of women experiencing spinal problems, even people suffering from back pain when sleeping in bed.

To alleviate this situation, you should keep your spine in neutral status when sleeping, curvy body in a natural way. Is tilted and knees slightly bent back, hips still straight with the vertebral column (if pushed about the hips before will do rotate your spine and pain as severe). You can put a pillow or two in the middle between two horizontal straight leg hip knee, spinal support. To the hand comfortably in front in order to have a good sleep.

You suffer from sinus

Whenever you feel shortness of breath because of a sinus infection, being cold ... not so supine for so will make your mouth not secures, makes the air into the throat causing you dry throats and difficulty breathing.

Instead, you should lie slightly higher tilt a bit to the air through the nose easily move down under, through your sinuses. You can have straight or slightly curved, legs as long as comfortable.

You suffer shoulder pain

Shoulder pain may be caused by your daily activity cause, but can also be due to your sleeping posture is not appropriate, for example by placing a hand under the head when sleeping. At this time, the Group of nerves in the hand will be constraints, leading to tight and stiffness, painful hands and shoulders, says Robert s. Rosenberg said.

If the shoulder pain, you should be lying on the side without pain, legs slightly bent. Use both hands to hug a pillow to his chest. If both shoulders are hurt, you can switch to the supine with 2 hands comfortably on the side.

You are experiencing premenstrual symptoms

If you've ever seen the premenstrual symptoms are not familiar with the importance of abdominal discomfort, even pain cramps in the abdomen. At this time, you should not lie down as this will override the tendon in his chest, causing pressure on the uterus makes bad abdominal pain.

According to Mr Rosenberg, at this time you should be patient is the best. Put a pillow under your knees to keep your lower spine, thereby reducing aches in the lower back, hands relaxed at the sides.

Menstrual cramps

Lying co who is said to have the effect of reducing menstrual cramps. This posture helps the body automatically relax the abdominal muscle bundles, if combined with the hot, cold or pain pill (according to doctor's instructions if necessary) will rise effective pain relief. You can lie with the slightly leaning to the right person and the contraction to avoid affecting the internal organs.=