'Holy medicine' Scorpion cancer treatment support

Scorpion is a drug you in Oriental medicine, according to the statistics of the professionals of Oriental medicine, the Scorpions so far can do drugs to treat more than 100 diseases!

"Holy medicine" Scorpion support, treatment of cancer, AIDS, ...

Scorpion body contains 17 amino acids necessary for human body, in addition it also contains 14 sort of other trace elements and vitamins in particular has a strong effect in increasing the cừng jewelry khẻo, end cover the process of metabolism, strengthens the ability to regenerate and grow the cells in the human body!

According to the researchers, the Scorpion can be used effectively to treat rheumatism, chronic inflammation, list any more people, limb numbness, sudden, tetanus, muffled toxicity causes swelling, help support effective in treating cancer and infectious party responsible sexually as AIDS.

Especially Scorpions hold a very important role in the prevention and treatment of diseases of the nervous system, heart, hepatitis B, the kidneys, stomach, skin and liver cancer braided!

Sting Scorpion is quite expensive and was used as a pain medication, massage, muscle to treat peripheral nerve pain, nerve or muscle pain. Abroad, one has to take the sting of Scorpion raising served for the manufacture of drugs.

In scientific terms, it has been proven to be pharmacological effects of Scorpion, as the effects of seizures and countervailing effect with the effect of causing seizures of strycnin on the experimental. Scorpions are distributed in many parts of the world. Even in the deserts have extreme climates, Scorpions can still be live.

In our country, the Scorpions almost everywhere, from the mountains to the Plains have seen Scorpion. In the mountains, they generally live in moist forests, especially in the slots in the land, on the banks of streams or under the leaf layer items in the forest.

In the 80 's of the last century, the results of the initial research about Blue Scorpion sting on animal experiments have cancerous tumor, suggests: "the immune system begins to rise, dead malignant cells and shrink tumors or disappeared on about 85% of laboratory animals alive". After more than 30 years of research by scientists, especially scientists in Latin America, Scorpion sting of green products was created, bringing hope to millions of patients in the battle against incurable disease of the century.=