How tired these people are, do not drink water, beard and beard, and enter the hospital

According to Herbalist Vu Quoc Trung, Vietnam Oriental Medicine Association, in traditional medicine, the water of bearded corn is moderate and benign, which is suitable for everyone. Not only has the effect of making tea soft, cooling, corn is also a mixed medicine containing many vitamins and micronutrients in the natural form, necessary for the body, good antioxidant.

Corn whiskers contain vitamin K, vitamin A, B1, B2, B6, C . bitter substances, fatty oils, essential oils and many other trace elements. So when drinking corn water, it usually feels sweet, cool and cool. Drinking water of corn stew daily helps to increase the amount of bile secretion, reducing the viscosity of bile to facilitate bile into the intestine easily. In addition, it also lowers blood sugar, causing blood to clot. Due to the high rate of potassium salts, calcium should drink corn water without fear of losing mineral salts.

Some effects of corn water

Corn beards treat urinary tract stones

Corn washing is washed or chopped, warmed with water, boiled for daily drinking. Corn stalks combined with other types of diuretic vegetables such as tapioca roots, prehistoric needles, thread codes . will be more effective. In addition, to bring the best effect, you can leave the corn whisk in the corn when boiled, add a little sugar, a little salt to the broth.

Corn beard juice treat kidney inflammation, cystitis

After rinsing 100 grams of corn stalks, 40 grams of soil and vegetables, chalky, 50g each, put in a clay pot, add a drink of water every day. Just need 1 sharp colors for the whole day. The disease will be greatly reduced if you persist in doing it for about a month. Treatment of nephritis, cystitis is a prominent effect in 9 effects of corn beard.

Corn bearded water is the highlight of high blood pressure

To reduce and maintain stable blood pressure every day, use corn stalks, flowers, rafts, bulls . to sharpen. If you find other herbs that are difficult, you can also use corn whisk to sharpen the water instead of daily water is also very good for the disease.

Treatment of hemorrhage

Corn water is used daily to have a good effect in reducing hemorrhage, root bleeding, uterine hemorrhage, mucous bleeding, urination, etc.

To be able to use for a long time, you can put it in the refrigerator or dry it to use it without fear of being damaged. To increase efficiency, you should combine corn stubble with other herbs such as lotus leaf, blood leaf, pot grass, scallops .

Heat, help eliminate body toxicity

As a detoxifying medicine, corn stews contain many antioxidants that are good for stimulating the elimination of toxins accumulated in the body, helping to enhance liver function, optimizing excretory functions and reducing risk. Fatty liver disease.

People should not drink corn stewed water

- People with blood clots or use anticoagulant drugs because vegetables have good hemostatic properties, increase the blood clotting process of the body.

- Do not use corn whisk to replace filtered water (especially for children) because it can make the body urinate much, which can cause dehydration. When dehydration may fall into a state of fatigue, work will be less concentrated. Children who drink too much water with corn beards are more likely to cause electrolyte imbalance and micronutrient malabsorption, only corn stalks should be supplemented with small amounts of drinking water.

- Women in menstruation should not drink: During the period of menstruation should not drink plenty of water vegetables and corn vegetables will make menstrual pain worse. Corn whiskers have a coagulation effect, so it is easy to form bloody, dangerous blood vessels that can be deadlocked.

The right way to drink water of corn beard

According to Luong Trung Luong, using corn beard as a folk drink is a good habit because the drink is relatively benign, cheap and very beneficial for health. However, when using it, care should also be taken to avoid harmful health. Corn whiskers are susceptible to pesticides from spraying so when using cooling water, wash thoroughly.

Experts also recommend that in the case of taking another medicine to treat the disease, it should not be used with corn stover tea. Care should be taken not to use with any other diuretic, the advice of a specialist. When using corn stubble to treat the disease should only be used for about 10 days and then stop taking about a week and then reuse, avoid electrolyte disorders. In addition, it is necessary to avoid using these diuretics too much in the evening that will make it difficult to sleep because of frequent urination at night.