How to cure a cough at night simple pole that the effectiveness

The weather on the East are showing signs of changing temperature on cold nights warm, erratic, is the condition for the development respiratory disease syndrome, including cough at night causing insomnia, tiredness, influence the learning and work.

Coughing at night only status do not cough during the day, but every night it was coughing.

Coughing is a common symptom, especially when the weather changes from hot to cold, inhalation of dust, smoke, smoke, smoke stove fireplace ... Coughing is a reflex Physiology has protected the body intended to escort out of the Airways, fluids due to bronchitis or pneumonia secrete or the object from outside entered as: food, dust ...

So, ho is considered a protective mechanism of respiratory apparatus. Cough is not a disease but a symptom of many diseases.

Coughing at night only status do not cough during the day, but every night is cough, cough can each storm and persistent cough, persistent.

Coughing at night is a common sign of the common flu symptoms due to respiratory infection. The prolonged cough, sometimes dry cough, phlegm, no fever, no easy to occur in people who have a place prone to irritation with the change of weather. The cough usually occurs at night, near the light, cause sleeplessness, fatigue, loss of strength.

According to Oriental medicine, there is a simple way to treat persistent cough, mainly warm foot zone massage hot oil into the soles and wear socks on before going to bed.

How to do is very simple, you need to prepare a pair of socks and a bottle of hot oil or balm. Before bed, take a DAB of oil on the vented Tuyen dung in the soles before wear socks on and leave over night while sleeping. Continuous practice from 3-5 nights. The simple but very effective magic.

Many cases can effectively be seen immediately after the first night. Tuyen dung vented in depression between the soles, at the point of connection 2/5 before and 3/5 of the second toe from the top to the banks of the back of the heel.

In cure on, warm brewed soles help increase circulation of blood gas down to the bottom to create the effect of precipitation. Hot oil massage helps activate blood Tuyen dung.=