Inserting garlic into the ear treats otitis media, the man gets a bitter taste

According to scientists' research, garlic has many health benefits even though some of us may not like its taste. In addition, young garlic has anti-inflammatory effects that limit the effects of cytokines. This means garlic can help fight pain and inflammation.

According to the China Press website, Mr. Wang, a man from Shandong Province, China, often could not sleep at night because of ear ache. Once he happened to see an Internet video claiming that garlic could treat inflammation.

The man stuffed garlic into the ear to treat otitis media

As the video says, garlic contains allicin - a compound produced when crushed or chopped garlic has anti-inflammatory effects and can treat headache pain.

Wang thought it was good to decide to peel a clove of raw garlic, cut it into two small pieces and put a piece in the ear in the hope that it could cure the inflammation. But the garlic clove not only could not cure the disease, but it became trapped in his ear could not be removed

Because he was so scared, Mr. Wang immediately went to the hospital for treatment and with the help of the doctor, the garlic was removed from the ear.

There have been no studies on garlic treating middle ear infections

Doctors recommend the use of garlic effectively: although garlic has many effects on human health, it only works through diet. In addition, the fact that we put garlic into the ear will form an object in the ear that affects hearing, causing permanent hearing loss.