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An oral fever or another name is an aphthous ulcer that is a small, yellow or red sores or blisters that surround the mouth. They grow on soft tissues (oral mucosa) in the mouth or just above the gum, these ulcers do not occur on the lips surface and do not spread.

Common signs and symptoms of oral heat

- A small, oval, white or yellow ulcer appears or there is a painful red skin in the mouth.

- Feeling tingling in the mouth, mouth pain, eating food (especially salty) will feel pained, painful, uncomfortable.

- Sometimes large sores appear, outbreaks of ulcers in the mouth, sharp pain, high fever, even diarrhea, rash, headache.

Here is a simple oral heat treatment you can refer to

Prepare ingredients for oral heat treatment

- Young eagle leaves or blanching leaves: the amount depends on the wound more or less, the case of mouth sores due to heat each time only need a handful of big leaves.

The implementation of oral heat therapy

Step 1: Put the leaves in the pot and bring to a boil with water and let it simmer for half an hour for the contents of the leaves to soak into the water.

Step 2: Remove the leaves, take half of the freshly cooked water into the thermos to keep it warm, the rest of the water is warm, then suck or pour into the wound. If the ulcer in other places is not in the mouth, then when the water cools you add the hot water in the thermos gradually so that the sores will always be soaked in warm water.

With this antipyretic remedy, after soaking the leaf water, you absorb with a clean towel or let yourself dry (absolutely do not wash the wound with other water) and apply the necessary medicine depending on the disease or the medicine prescribed by the doctor. (eg methylene blue, antibiotic ointment .).

Pay attention to the oral heat treatment

In the days of oral heat treatment with leaf blanching, your mouth will become yellow, do not worry, because the leaves of the bladder secrete clinging to the mouth causing teeth yellowing. After the procedure, the treatment of the heat of the mouth will go away. This remedy, moms can also apply to babies, but be careful and the water temperature must be warmer than home. In addition, eagle leaf water also helps treat cavities and sore throat very well.

In addition to the treatment of blister heat in the leaf, you can also refer to the following ways are also very effective.


Use pure honey on your mouth and keep it for a few hours and rinse your mouth again. Honey has antiseptic properties, kills bacteria very well, and honey contains lots of water to help heal wounds faster.

Salty water

Salt has anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce inflammation. Add a little salt to warm water and rinse your mouth with.

Baking soda

Baking soda has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce inflammation. Add a little baking soda to a glass of warm water and gargle.

Water star fruit

Fruit star fruit is also a very effective remedy for ulcer diseases, sore throat, heat mouth. Use 2-3 star fruit, crushed and boiled with a little water just enough, let it cool, slowly swallow it several times a day.

Radish juice

Use 300 g of white radish, squeeze and squeeze water, mix into 1 little filtered water. Gargle 3 times / day.

Use tapioca to treat mouth heat

In the winter of cassava, there is also the name of sand base, which has the effect of cooling and detoxifying the body to prevent the damage caused by hot liver such as: pimples, mouth sores, etc. The addition of tapioca is one of the ways to treat it very quickly that you should not ignore. Each day you add 1 cup of tapioca water mixed with cool boiled water. This way often helps root treatment not relapse.

Note when you have a heat

- Add nutrients such as iron, folic acid, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, zinc, .

- Apply cold compressing method: Cold ice has the effect of reducing pain and swelling, so placing a small stone on the heat of the mouth will relieve the pain and inflammation that makes you feel more comfortable and comfortable.

- In the days of heat-ups, do not eat hot and spicy foods, grilled and fried dishes because these dishes only make your mouth's temperature worse.

- Avoid abrasive, acidic or hot spicy foods.

- Diet high in green vegetables, fruit juice supplement, vitamin supplement, rest in moderation to avoid stress to limit body heat.