List the good fruit from the rind to the gut

fruit always provides the necessary nutrients for your health. If you know how to take advantage of the shell, some fruit also works very well in ...

1. Grape

The substance resveratrol in grapes, can reduce fat in the blood, thrombosis, arterial disease prevention, strengthen the immune system. Flavonoids are compounds in grape Peel special purple work reduce blood pressure. Peel grapes also contain many vitamins, iron ... is the necessary nutrients to the body.

2. Avocado

Butter has the effect in the prevention of kidney cancer, breast cancer, breast cancer ... Besides eating the butter also lower cholesterol, help brighten the eyes. Not only that, the butter crust is very beneficial for the skin. Pressure present in butter crust side up, lightly massage to provide moisture to the skin, helps smooth skin.

3. Citrus Fruit

Vitamin C has many in citrus fruit helps to fight stress, helps healing skin, making the old long. Instrumental has the taste, can treat bloating symptoms, coughing, phlegm. When cooking the broth can for a few slices of tangerine peel to add flavor and less fat. In addition, instrumental also eliminate fishy smell when eating fish and seafood ....

4. Watermelon

Watermelon contains many B vitamins which are the vitamins function to create energy for the body. Watermelon rind contains glucose, minerals, vitamin-rich, cooling effect, lower the heat except fatigue, reduce blood pressure very good. Can making a mannequin, soup.

5. Orange

Compound cam in very usable limonoid in preventing cancer and has the effect of detoxification, diuretic. Eating oranges will often reduce the infection rate of cancers, such as lung cancer and stomach. ...  Besides, the orange peel also had cough cure and pounding the alcohol very efficiently. With my sister, orange peel also make the skin brighter.

6. Apple

Apple not only helps target fat, reduced fat, eat more apples are also useful in treating constipation, headaches, against infections. Apple Peel contains a lot of vitamins to help strengthen the blood circulation to the skin first, against hair loss, stimulates hair regrowth.

7. Cucumber

Cucumber drink, help detoxify your body, relieve tension, headaches or abdominal cut ... Peel cucumbers are rich in vitamins and minerals. It has diuretic effects, reduce swelling, good for all people with diabetes. So when eating cucumber should to shell.

8. Melon

Because multiple potassium, melon helps regulate blood pressure well and can help prevent stroke symptoms are. People who want to lose weight should complement melon into his diet. In addition, the melon rind washed finely chopped, add some sugar crystals that can be treated sore throats.

9. Lemon

Water in the lemon contains more salt, citric acid kidney disease treated room may be the gravel, at the same time reduce the kidney. Lime is also used as a type of drink (lemonade) is very beneficial for the treatment of diarrhea. Lemon bark dried and ground into powder, use a very effective in reducing headaches, skin moisturizing.

10. Golden Melon

Cantaloupe it tonic effect, increasing the resistance very good, consistent with those of anemia, weak power due to sick up. .. Cantaloupe rind quite bitter but this bitter substance itself helps absorb vitamin C easier and helps the detoxification of the body. In addition, the cantaloupe rind also has antibacterial effects target inflammation.

11. Tomato

The tomato has the ability to reduce the risk of breast cancer, head and neck cancer. Diet rich in tomatoes has the ability to help fight degenerative nerve diseases ... Substance lycopene in tomato shells have strong antioxidant effect, can prevent cardiovascular disease, enhance the body's immunity, cancer prevention.

12. Banana

This results in a high amount of vitamin B helps keep calm very well. Besides, the iron in bananas help reduce anemia by stimulating production of hemoglobin. In the banana has more potassium helps the mind sharp and flexible operations. Banana peel also works very well in cleaning the skin. Use of banana peels, sprinkled a little brown sugar, rub all over people to Scrubs.=

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