Low-cost vegetables are sold full of markets, from leaves to treated seeds

Jute is a familiar vegetable in Vietnamese meals. In the hot summer days, enjoy a bowl of jasmine cooked with crabs with a few berries, nothing else is great.

Not only is cheap food, easy to buy, jute vegetables are also valuable nutrients, beneficial for human health.

According to Nam pharmacy, the brand name, jute vegetables are spicy, cold, non-toxic, have colon, menstrual, cooling . Jute is often used to treat people with physical weakness, constipation, dysentery, productive cough, sedation, cardiac support, diuretic and milk benefits for postpartum women.

In traditional medicine, jute is used as an antidepressant and extremely beneficial to help milk get more and faster.

Women with less milk after birth, in the first week after giving birth, eat 150-200g of jute cooked vegetables at main meals every day. The following weeks eat twice a week, each time eating 200-250g of jute milk will return evenly and more.

In terms of modern medicine, jute vegetables are relatively nutritious vegetables. According to the study, in jute, there are Ca 498mg%, P 93mg%, Fe 3.8mg%, K 650mg%, 8ic acid, 870mg%, vitamin B1 0.24mg%, vitamin B2 0.76mg%, vitamin C 168mg%, vitamin A 7,940 units, vitamin E 141.

With such nutrients, jute is very good for children, pregnant mothers, mothers after birth. The mother should add jute to the snack for children next to regular vegetables. When cooking, the mother should use only the leaves and leaves of the leaves.

To cure the sun, people took a handful of fresh jute, washed it, crushed it, squeezed the juice for the patient to drink, and then put it on the temples, took the bandage to force it to remove the hot poison. will be cured. It is also possible to get 10-20g of jute seeds, sharpen to get water for patients to drink hot, sweat will emit all hot and toxic.

Jute is also used as a medicine for cough and some respiratory diseases.

Using jute seeds to sharpen the water with steam, drink to stop asthma attacks have good results. Or use 12g jute seeds, crushed (star), lettuce fiber 20g, chopped (stars). Take two colors to take water divided into two drinks daily.

Treatment of pleural effusion: Take 8g jute seeds, intention 16g, 12g spleen, wood pine 12g, ginseng 12g, earth spirit 12g, juniper 12g, 8g turkey seeds, 8g grass roots, code beads 8g Sac drank on 1 ladder divided 2-3 times.

Jute vegetables contain a lot of viscous, this is a very good bio-compound with the effect of stimulating intestinal motility and at the same time making greasy stool, thus helping to lax, very good for curing constipation. . In jute contains many polysaccharides to increase intestinal flow, prevent stasis.

For laxative, cure constipation you can get jute vegetables to cook soup once a day for 5-7 days. It is possible to cook jute with other vegetables such as spinach and melon. Another laxative remedy is to get 20g of jute leaves to collect 2-3 times a day, continuously for 5-7 days.

In addition, this vegetable is often used to treat urinary retention, urination, urination and blood in the urine.

In order to cure urinary retention, use two hands of jute to warm and cook up and drink water several times a day, each time a cup will have heat and diuretic effect.