Nourish the stomach with Taro

The stomach is the most important parts in the digestive apparatus, like a bag to food containers, have open holes at either end, the upper part connects to the esophagus called the mind, lower part connected to the small intestine called the pylorus.

Stomach pain can be caused by gastritis or stomach ulcers. The mechanism of pathogenesis of inflammation, stomach ulcers are caused by the acid gastric mucosa sores do. The acidic fluid inflame, ulcers may be caused by increased stomach or by outside.

Stomach pain can be caused by gastritis or peptic ulcer, great influence to health and life.

Acute gastritis is usually due to using pain relievers such as Aspirin and other anti-inflammatory painkillers in osteoarthritis.

In addition to smoking is also due to the foods that irritate the lining of the stomach, such as: wine, 10 ml, chili, pepper ... Furthermore, the psychological factors of stress, anxiety, sensation ... also do a nerve irritation, leading to much acid secretion.

Has the food very good support for the stomach in the treatment of diseases of the stomach , or gastric feeding very well in it's impossible not to mention the taro.

You have so much processed food from taro for the family in General and for stomach sufferers in particular as taro root cellar or cooked as a soup.

Taro is usually made by boiling, Cook the broth. This is the benign food, nutritious and also has the effect of healing.

According to traditional medicine, tuber taro has calculated the average, spicy sweet, on 3, and colon Bhikkhu, riveted blocks goal u glands in the neck, laxative, defecation and especially good for your stomach.

Taro soup pork

Taro soup pork is very good for your stomach.

Taro 100 g of lean pork, 50 g; Cook soup eaten in the feast. Additional sound effects: thirst, dry gas, useful against nurture stomach very well.

Boiled taro

Delicious and good for the stomach.

In addition you can boil taro or cooking porridge, processing many dishes from taro for the family in General and for stomach sufferers in particular as taro root cellar or cooked as a soup.

Sick people should abstain from stomach

Should not eat foods that have a high acid (the sour fruit, melon, tomato, vinegar, salt, chilli) or created in the stomach (beans, melon, tomato, onion salt), the type of food damaging the lining of the stomach (such as wine, beer, garlic, pepper, coffee, tea) or increased secretion of acid (concentrated fish, meat sauce). In addition, should not eat the fruits such as bananas, papayas, apples and processed foods such as ham, sausage, ribs, Greek yogurt.

Besides, taro also helps the body recover quickly after sickness.

Nourish the stomach, decreased right with taro.

Values decreased by Taro

Porridge taro root treat abrasive, exhausted, tired, poor eating, mouth thirst: taro 200 g, pharmaceutical coating (CU sharpening) 50 g, 50 g, blue rice, cooked porridge eaten during the day. Eat regular oatmeal has a useful effect (increase fitness), Bhikkhu (enhance digestive functions).

Please apply to treatment support as well as nourish the stomach with the simple folk medicine post is taro!=