Only 1 white radish cure many common diseases, good like ginseng

Stomach ulcers

For those who are suffering from stomach ulcers you should regularly eat white radish, drink juice, . antibacterial active ingredients, treat wound of white radish will help ulcers in your stomach quickly heal. sick.

Cure hoarseness, loss of voice

When you have a hoarse voice, you can cure yourself by using white radish juice to squeeze water and add a little honey and drink in 3-5 days, the disease will gradually reduce and disappear completely. At the same time, to promote the effect of this remedy you should soak white radish juice with honey to treat sore throat, hoarseness.

White radishes effectively treat cough

Mouth ulcers caused by heat

People who suffer from heat illness will often have mouth and mouth ulcers. If you have a cold sore that you want to cure quickly, you can use white radish to wash, squeeze water and use it to suck the mouth ulcer or treat the ulcer on the mouth of the wound will heal quickly.

Curing cough for a long time

If you have been coughing for a long time but have not recovered and you have sputum in your throat. You can use sliced ​​white radish soaked with honey for overnight to suck and then chew slowly swallow dry cough, pepper phlegm, protect the larynx very well.

White radish treats stomach disease

Ingredients: Prepare 1kg of mustard, 1kg of pear, about 250g of fresh ginger and 250 honey.


First, remove the pears, peel, remove the seeds, then crush, shredded into a thin cloth to squeeze the juice. Similarly with radish, fresh ginger you also need to wash, pound and squeeze the juice to use.

When done, put the radish and pear juice on the stove to boil and then lower the heat, then ginger, milk, honey are stirred. You often use it for people with cough, asthma, pneumonia very well. Use about 3-5 days will see very good results.