Painted ladies turned into master mo curing disease encyclopedia by 'toxic' withdraw of nails in the body

Accordingly, from infertility to the terminally ill as cancer cause Western medicine have to guess, American master mo just reading this mantra, taken during his illness is over. Believe in the words "advertising" on how to cure brings colorful superstitions, the disease from all over have droves drag to "knock" master mo this deception.

Ms. Zhang "superb mo" (right) are the healing spell.

Challenges "the wicked master mo"

More than a dozen years now, the people of Pine Valley Township, bigger L rural District (the District of Hà Quang, Cao Bang province) are still handed cure "a" of a "Wicked master mo" mystery. When people write asking for directions to the House, who also know and remember this order rắp each way. Ethnic Nung call her teacher Zhang (named after the eldest son).

The time we look to the new early morning though, but women's door master mo has had dozens of people lined up, don't guys who sat on the floor waiting to list dollar weekly "visit". The crowd full of all ages, he suffered a variety of illnesses, from common ailments to the terminally illness hard to cure.

Through understanding, we know Mr. Zhang Chu's real name is not loving A (45 years old). Previously, her family is not loving East brothers but no one followed the drug or practicing master mo. Only she dyspepsia, claimed to have the uncanny ability.

More significantly, the "possibility" he was her "unearthed" suddenly only ... after a night of sleep. In her dream, dyspepsia, "judge" himself has been ... a journalist for "eat". That morning, she runs all over the neighborhood, hypnosis man recounts a dream.

Since then, she has had ever since unceasing dyspepsia, more distant trips to help more people from the disease; that she was cured of cancer for several months, brother ... The story of Ms. truth that puts yours play also must admire, from which the disease so droves flocked.

Although not yet verified the fact female physician's healing ability mo, but the rumours have led hundreds of people to pull together about the Queuing off the disease. Each day a person line east of uproar both peaceful village. The motorbike, car contest together lined up waiting to be called up healing both the closed lane.

Read mantras, withdraw the bolt from the human body...?

The process of finding a solution on how to cure color surroundings superstition, the scam, the press MANAGER of PV-XH last week had penetrated the base of practice of female master mo. According to the observations, his cure for her disease encyclopedia Zhang is taking few shoots the grapefruit in around the paws up patient body to grab ... the nail and piece bottle from in the sick out. She called the Spike grapefruit is slang for "Bodhisattva", can-everything according to path, have the effect of magic.

According to the explanation of Ms. Zhang, on each patient's body when pain is due to the gas (nail) and gas (the broken bottle shards) inserted into the circuit, causing the pain, aching. Just pull out the nail in people out who are yours from the illness is. She was still a strong mouth statement with all the people to the doctor that can cure the disease, including cancer encyclopedia.

As people with back pain, we waited from morning until noon new to weekly a female teacher was mo calling up see the disease helps. Since stepped up the stairs of the House floor, we were two women claiming to be her disciple Zhang sit wait condition to ask available "reports".

After listening to us lies sick must heal means no quarter to go off, a person into the home "report, the second person in the back talking sweetly:" you come here is the right place! ".

This person also said, if you want the scan to be permanently removed from the disease at least 3 times, each time the scan need to put at least 100,000 Council put together a bowl of incense, the new efficiency. She explains: "the gods to help cure are necessary, that paying into each corresponding to the amount of more or less".

When the "face to face", Ms. Zhang didn't see anything "right" that I am "high should ... not dead". She stared me in the face, directed the hand counts by guess mission and concluded: "Now want to follow from next door, hand-picking some grapefruit Spike about to solve".

When everything is ready, Mrs Zhang started oral and respiratory forgive some "spells" that no one understands. Then, her body shaking up, grasp the stem of grapefruit hammering up the top, back, and then the entire body.

To the back-according to testimony about the condition from her before-Acount type longer. After a revert back my skills, she claws Zhang bowed down picked up dozens of nail before the median of those corals have been deployed previously available from the stand. According to thorough observation of written, the nail that she said that has just been withdrawn from in the patient which she prepared in the sleeves.

Advantage when her patients talked, she quickly put the nail into the grapefruit leaves grasp. By that, she claws as long, the nail from the inside holding the leaves fall off as much. Severe disease who can not go back, she will judge and then pull out the pieces of broken bottle their body.

Nguyen Thanh t. (stay in Chongqing district), who has twice been Ms. Zhang said paws: "hear the rumor said her cure well done but after the thanks she claws the two times before, my migraine disease still not relieved a little."

Mrs. h. A Farm (a neighbor) share: "Zhang received her daily dozen to cure. Each person must submit to the money-making is not less. Previously, her family were difficult because my husband died, my son and my daughter are all retarded, but in recent years the rich House up quickly. In the town centre, she also has a house built of very large, sometimes new family down there in ".

Exchange with REPORTER about female physician "mo" healing by his reading of mantras, withdraw of nails in the body, he saved the Text Stick (Valley Township District PEOPLE'S COMMITTEE Chairman) said: "actually, the people who recently also know her game, Zhao Zhang, only the disease far from perturbed new information arrived to cure.

The Administration has repeatedly reminded, but she still blatantly practise. In the coming period, we will coordinate with the relevant authorities to put an end to this fraud case thoroughly. "=