People should not eat label

due to the warm, fragrant, sweet and attribute labels should be for a fire inside the phlegm and sick not hot in should be eating, especially pregnant women to abstain again., women, ...

In the book of Oriental medicine also known as fresh, dried longans are very easy to eat the fruit fresh label, magpie in iridescent glitter, plenty of water, taste, are the results of the quarter. Long dry labels easy to store, transport, eat at would also be pickled, cooked, can be high, make broth are suitable.

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Oriental medicine for that, Logan sweetness computer review, the effect of mind Bhikkhu, nourishing blood.

In the Logan has sacaroza, glucose, protein, tatric acid, fat, vitamin A, amylase enzymes, peroxitdaza B. ... Long labels are traditional medicine use under various forms such as decoction, smoking, smoking, high alcohol ... private drug alcohol can soak in collaboration with the other medications gentlemen to tonic body, against insomnia, nervous breakdown.

Oriental medicine for that, Logan sweetness calculated nutritional effects, review of mind Bhikkhu, nourishing blood.

Some of the effects of the long label

-Those not enough enthusiasm, heart palpitations, or palpitations, insomnia, forgetfulness can take 15 g Logan, into the water up to eat before going to bed.

-If being damaged, take away, Bhikkhu 15 g Logan, 3 pieces of fresh ginger, pour water on to heat up the drink.

-Anemia, debilitating nerve can get six labels, Lotus seeds, 10 10 real impairment results pour water on to boil the quinces and then eat.

But not because there are many good effects so that everybody should eat or eat a lot of labels. So those who should not or limit food label?


Many people often think of eating more fruit will not be obese. They fasting rice and replaced by fruits to lose weight, but the contrast with the results desired. Fruits contain many vitamins and fiber carries many benefits for health and beauty ...

Because of this, many people start the fight off balance. This is a correct concept if you choose the fruits to eat, in compliance with the principles, the time and dosage.

According to the experts consulted nutritionists, the fruit has a sweet taste usually has a high sugar content. When eating a lot, this fruit give the body energy.

Acne sufferers

Left label contains many minerals, vitamins A and C, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium and iron. So eat label will have many adverse effects for health. However, this fruit is the source cause pimples, rash if eating more.

But if you use the long pickled label to help you make it pretty skin. This mixture has anti-aging capabilities should help enhance the health of the skin, especially for skin in the eye area, it helps reduce wrinkles and lightens the skin.

Pregnant women should limit

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The label and who should not eat label.

According to Oriental medicine, registered fragrant sweetness, drug review, which function to thermal properties helpful mind Bhikkhu, gas utility body balm, balm of blood. Can the front students room, sausage, the leap is a delicious, nutritious. But because of the sweet, warm aromatic properties labels, so for the fire inside the phlegm and the sick not hot in should be eating, especially pregnant women to abstain again.=

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