Post folk medicine curing diabetes ultra effective

Diabetes mellitus is caused by metabolic disorders insulin hormones of the pancreas when carbohydrates are missing or reducing the effects in the body, the blood sugar levels by the expressions are always high.

Post folk medicine curing diabetes of extremely effective.

This disease also leads to more illness, such as coronary artery disease, stroke, blindness, kidney failure, impotence ...

Science diet is the Foundation for diabetes treatment plan. Rational diet help patients stabilize blood sugar levels, reduced dose required, prevent or delay the appearance of complications, extend the life of patients. Reasonable diets also help patients feel comfortable, confident in life, at least have the feeling of being separate in the life of society.

Diabetes is also known as diabetes mellitus is an endocrine disease within the body is missing or no insulin hormone. Diet and keep an important role in the treatment of diabetes.

Diabetes can be treated with diet in case of diabetes (diabetes), potential diabetes) or in combination with other drugs for the diabetes (diabetes) the level of average and heavy.

Please apply the folk medicine article very simply here to treat this disease.

Melon soup

100 g melon. Wash melon, chopped salad, into a pot, pour the water just right into the broth. Divide the broth off 2 times in a day. Effect of blood sugar reduces the dish, suitable for use in diabetes mellitus symptoms were mild.

Red bean soup, squash

Red beans and squash the amount of enough to eat in a meal. For red beans into the same water Cook, the following new for squash to cook the quinces, drink water and eat something, eat 2 times a day, can use often. Effect of this dish is diuretic, detoxifying so appropriate in diabetes mellitus symptoms, scabies skin swelling birth foot, pimples are difficult to heal.

Mushrooms sautéed lean meat

Fresh mushrooms 250 g lean pork, 50 g, 25 g sesame oil, rice wine a little, just enough salt. Rinse mushrooms, lean pork, stir-fried with sesame oil for flavor, taste. Used as food in feast.

Effect of this dish is oxygen, blood tonic, increases resistance to the organism. Suitable for diabetes syndrome disease have chronic fatty liver, blood gas damage problems.

In addition, you can get the lemon garlic 60 g, 30 g corn beard. Both washed, cooked with 1 liter of water. Drinking water change during the day.Or 500 g celery washed, crushed his retirement, added 200 ml of water, squeezed, to bring the juice drink each day, also have the effect of supporting the treatment of this disease!=