Quail egg-potions for your family's health

Quail are religious animals, Ginseng is so people have also tested see quail eggs are rich in nutrition than duck eggs, quail eggs special flipped back great.

According to Oriental medicine, quail egg sausage, tonic Central gas utility, use the fostering health very good, especially for those cases after long illness on blood gas problems, poor digestion and frivolous women after childbirth weakened body.

Quail egg-potions for your family's health.

In addition, the substance also rich quail eggs of copper, cobalt, niacin and essential amino acids. Tyrosine is capable of nutrient for healthy skin. Thus, the quail egg was used in both the cosmetics industry.

The concentration of lecithin in egg high also has the effect of reducing the amount of cholesterol in the blood. Also Bulgarian scientists is that phosphorus concentrations in eggs, also for higher efficiency in both the drug viagra.

Quail eggs are also a type of food have antibacterial properties. If you regularly suffer from colds, the scientists recommend eating quail eggs every morning.

Quail eggs are used for those who suffer from anemia, severe headaches, asthma, inflammation of the stomach. Normalizes in eggs is also good for blood pressure and improve digestion. So this food is very useful for children, sick people and pregnantwomen.

Unlike the eggs of chickens, quail eggs are not likely to cause allergies. In contrast, some protein in quail eggs can prevent allergies should on this basis we also manufacture drugs to treat allergies.

Quail eggs have increased resistance to radiation and contribute to the removal of radionuclides.

The results of recent studies also indicate, quail eggs have increased resistance to radiation and contribute to the removal of radionuclides. So, many physician has advised supplementing quail eggs on the menu for the infected patients and those living in the eco region at a disadvantage as large cities, where radiation levels are usually higher.


Every day you should eat 3-4 results are the equivalent of a chicken egg, high phosphorus concentrations have in quail eggs can stimulate brain development process of small children.

But not suitable for the elderly, because they contain high cholesterol content. Therefore, should limit the appearance of them in the menu of the elderly.=