Sam vegetables and excellent benefits

a type of sam Vegetables weeds, usually grow wild in moist soil where cool coastal gardens, the banks of the paddy fields. The ancients often use sam to processing vegetable dish.

Vegetables are very common vegetables sam in our country, grows wild and very inexpensive. Sam vegetables also quite popular in Europe, the Dutch made the pickles, the French love vegetables and processed into sam plenty of dishes , or in the us have vegetable oil & vinegar mix sam. .. In addition, sam was a unique little remedy.

Sam usually grow vegetables such as grass, you can easily weigh in in the garden. Vegetables sam is the kind of broad foliage, flourish in summer and live in the soil surface had grass grow. Want to verify is sam vegetables, check the leaves. Vegetable leaves sam often looks ovan and silky, thick flesh and colour as the colour of jade, with stems branching if solitary tree, but if each capacitor crowd grows back trunk trying to rise up vertically. The thick leaves are oblong-shaped, about 1-2 cm long, very small, yellow flowers are bisexual, borne in spike tops. The seeds are small, black, can retain the possibility of sprouts to 7 years (when in stock). Sam flowers usually bloom in the spring or fall. Proper tree with the porous land and warm temperatures, rain and more.

There are two types of vegetables grow wild type, and sam was growing. Types of wild bulls usually grow and grows just under 50 cm high, green leaves, lemon, red purple. Type of cultivation there larger size leaves and usually yellow to green. The most common types are:

-Sam green Vegetables (Green Purslane): this is the original breed grows wild, tend to grow upright rather than beef.

-Vegetables sam gold (Golden Purslane): leaves are pale yellow, when cooked the taste is the same type on.

-Sam gold leaf Vegetables to (Portulaca Grandiflora): dense and almost doubled to two previous varieties.

Sam is many vegetable nutrition. According to the Institute of hygiene and Epidemiology: 1.4% had spruce Vegetables protit, 3% gluxit, 1.3% 85mg% ash, calcium, 56mg% P, 1, 5 mg% Fe, 26mg% Vitamin C, 0, 32mg% 03mg% 0, carotene, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, 11 mg% and 0, 7mg% Vitamin PP. research in Taiwan shows: in vegetables fresh has 1% potassium salts, sam, in dried vegetables containing 10%. The French pharmacologist detected in vegetables sam has many diverse fatty acids Omega-3 unsaturated acid is alpha-linolenic acid. Omega-3 fatty acids improve the liquid state of the cell membrane-a staple of life in the body.

The effects of Omega 3 fatty acids in cardiovascular protection has been proven extensively, in addition it also has many other effects such as preventing or treating diabetes, diseases of nervous system disorders, functional diseases ... In vegetable leaves sam has many antioxidants. These substances strengthen protective effect of Omega 3 fatty acids in the cell by separation of the radicals.  To make drugs, should choose the red type, to sam, grab the entire plant (roots removed) fresh or dried form.

Vegetables can prevent platelet aggregation, coronary spasm and thrombosis, should take effect in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease.

Healing effects

When injured, if the following ram leaves practically pounding up wound up, the wounds will heal more quickly. Vegetable leaves sam to help accelerate the process of pulling the skin. For mild injuries, the injury in bones, ... we can get water rinsed vegetables sam DAB wound up, or up fresh leaves finely, or retire to the water to drink sam sharp. If the wound is outside you can lather vegetable wine sam.

Cases of severe wounds such as ulcers is damaged you should rot for vegetable leaves sam drying on cleaning soft, moist cloth, bag and tie closed, apply wound up within 2 to 3 hours. Do not use the dry cloth bags and cool. Can also direct relief leaves sam has cleaning software wound up, but note only used sam leaves moist.

Anti aging effects

At the University of Wollongong (Australia) and genetic Center-nutrition-health Washington (United States) research has shown: 100 g fresh sam leaves contain 300-400mg alpha-linolenic acid, 12, 2 mg alpha-tocopherol, 26, 6mg ascorbic acid (vitamin C), 1 9mg, beta-carotene and 14, 8 mg glutathione. Results that showed vegetables sam is very rich in nutrients, the unsaturated fatty acid and antioxidant.

Prevention of cardiovascular disease

According to Oriental medicine, vegetables sour slightly bitter, sam, cool sound effects, PC heat detoxify. Potassium content of omega-3 acids in vegetables and sam, a need to regulate cholesterol in the blood, and increase the strength of the veins, helping to stabilize blood pressure.

Bactericidal effects

Sam has the effect of vegetable kills bacteria such as Shigella toxin (which causes dysentery), Salmonella typhi (causing typhoid), Staphylococcus aureus (Golden staph usually causes pimples). There are also some fungi.

Sam is very nutrient rich vegetables, most of which was vitamin.

Effect of vegetables on the uterine muscle sam

Sam had vegetables stimulates the uterine muscle spasms. Testing in women after birth for this extract drink, then found the intensity of the contractions of the uterus increases. However, the uterine contractions cause the sam vegetables should not use vegetable juice sam for pregnant women.

Expels worms removal effects

When you have many fiber jackfruit, the best way is to use the vegetables fresh water grab sam. Then the water Republic sam with a little vinegar and salt to drinking. The most effective drinking time is in the morning, when you are not eating anything. So drink some day sailings will have the effect of detergent on t very good. Also for diseases every day, should use the pinworm 50-100 g spinach, washed, freshly retired sam squeezed drinking juice, approximately 5-7 days will result. Note do not use vegetables sam cure while diarrhea.

Cure kidney and bladder diseases    

For a handful of leaves sam fresh or dried on warm, and then brewed in boiling water within 5 minutes we had a teapot sam. Drinking tea help through regular hot sam minor and diuretic.  If suffering from kidney stones, you take a drink of water to cook the leaves sam and tries to resist the u.s. came when not resist anymore. Meanwhile, the grain of the gravel will be escorted off. You do not fear when the urine is pale as water tea, and special features such as the blood because it is proven to the toxins in your body being excreted out!

Also when the Glomerular inflammation, inflammation of the bladder, then you should soak 100 g vegetables sam into hot water for one night. Then boil, pour in baths or bath. Soak in the bath warm sam from 10 to 20 minutes until the sweat profusely, sure you will he/she thought it up.

Curing diseases

For stubborn diseases such as cancer, diabetes, hepatitis, inflammation of the gallbladder, kidney inflammation, ... vegetable drink sam will be effective. By sam contains vegetables in from 3-16% Silicon acid, and substances in vegetables sam likely to cure many incurable diseases.

The fact proves sam vegetable has the effect of removing the seed of this disease and help remove the parts being ruined. Besides drinking vegetable juice sam can put veggies apply sam hot as presented above.

Note to use the vegetable sam with people with frivolous position welding, Bhikkhu diarrhea and pregnant women.=

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