Seasoning main noodles while you are cooking: A fatal mistake turns common spice into poison

Season the main noodles with the boiling food

MSG will be metabolized at high temperatures. If you add this spice to a pot that is too hot or boiling, degeneration will occur.

The main noodles cooked at high temperatures can lead to the formation of pyroglutamate or sodium substances which lose the inherent flavor of the dish, more seriously it is harmful to health.

Season the main noodles with cold and cold dishes

At low temperatures, MSG is difficult to dissolve. Should seasoning when the food has cooled down, making the dish not delicious and unhealthy.

Season the noodles with the sour dish

Spaghetti meets acid in sour dishes that are easily changed into ingredients, which not only change the taste of food but also damage health.

Season the main noodles with fried foods

Do not add the spaghetti directly on the surface or as ingredients for deep-fried dishes. Because the pasta will be transformed when it is high in temperature and difficult to dissolve if it is cooked.

How to use MSG

The proper food temperature for instant noodles is 70-90 degrees Celsius. When the food has been cooked, remove the pan from the stove and season with the seasonings. Do not give pasta at high temperatures to avoid poisoning when eating. Alternatively, dissolve the main noodles with warm water before mixing them into cold food.

There is no need for extra spaghetti when preparing eggs. Eggs combined with sodium chloride salt at the temperature will create pure MSG, helping the dish taste natural delicious.

Pork contains glutamic acid, when combined with salt at high temperatures also produces a natural sweetness. Therefore, when processing pork dishes, you do not need to add pasta.