See garlic sprout, do not rush to throw away, it is a valuable remedy against 14 types of cancer

Garlic sprout helps to increase the amount of nutrients inherent. Because garlic sprouts not only contain more fiber but also higher than normal vitamin C.

Not only good for health, sprouting garlic is also the "remedy" for cancer, a natural remedy for this dangerous disease. The sprouting process in garlic stimulates phytochemical production, which is able to block the spread of malignant cancer cells and inhibit the activity of carcinogens on the body. In addition, garlic also produces large amounts of free oxygen radicals - one of the main reasons for the formation of cancer.

Benefits of eating sprouted garlic

Studies by Dr. Mercola have found that eating garlic sprouts regularly may provide many health benefits, such as:

- Stabilize blood pressure and cholesterol in blood

- Reduce the risk of heart disease, limit heart attack and stroke

- Reduce the risk of osteoarthritis

- Prevent 14 types of cancer cells, including prostate, brain and lung cancer

- Against drug-resistant bacteria

This has been explained in many studies when it was found that garlic sprout contains substances that protect itself from plant-damaging agents. Research report by expert Jong-Sang Kim and his colleagues in Korea published in the journal Agricultural and Food Chemistry shows that: "Plants are very vulnerable to attack by bacteria, viruses, and insects in "This gives many plants the ability to make a chemical called phytoalexin to protect itself. It is resistant to microorganisms and insects, but is beneficial to human health."

The researchers also showed that sprouting garlic extracts for five days had the strongest antioxidant properties, while the antioxidant activity in raw or newly sprouted garlic was much lower.

Therefore, you should use garlic sprouts to take advantage of this plant's antioxidant capabilities.

However, this does not mean that we stop eating root garlic and only eat sprouted garlic.

Garlic is also good for human health. It strengthens the immune system, enhances cardiovascular health, has powerful anti-inflammatory properties, and inhibits cancer cells. In addition, garlic contains a high amount of sulfur, called allicin, which effectively kills viruses, fungi, bacteria and parasites, but does not cause harmful side effects.

How to grow and eat garlic sprouts:

Option 1: Choose a few big, old and healthy tubers. Take a plastic tray, spread a layer of cotton or damp cloth underneath, arrange the garlic on top, the root toward the sprout up, to a cool place. Every day, you use spray mist to spray evenly on the garlic tray to moisten. Do not water too much water, causing the garlic to become waterlogged.

Method 2: Put the garlic in a jar. Pour a few millimeters of water over the garlic roots for a few millimeters.

After 5 days (starting from the day garlic starts sprouting), you can cut the garlic sprout to be processed.

Similar to the use of green onions, you can cut the garlic sprouts every 5 days until the garlic is old enough to sprout and we'll make another batch.