Tells you how effective foul mouth cure

Says bad breath is also correct that disease 1 also whitewash for many people too. Because, there are many people with the disease of the stomach, often suffer from reflux, food, foul mouth right is scary disease.

However, sometimes foul mouth also comes from the habits of humans, such as the dental hygiene is not guaranteed, eating smelly foods like onions, garlic ...

During the school year I'm ashamed of being foul mouth. That day the House poor, most of the primary school I still don't know how to brush your teeth before bed, then foul mouth is obvious. Plus the skip breakfast, layer up, every time I say something is everyone away.

Not that I do not know what that horrible, that by the never, my parents both worked in the remote province, I stayed with her, therefore, the more difficult the deprivation you with is obvious.

Let's leave, nobody to talk to, I hit my thủi class corner grab books do you. Lucky is the thing that helps me reach the high score in the class and, more importantly, thanks for reading books, I also found a way to cure his foul mouth.

Foul mouth took my childhood nickname class called me that day as "the Shrew" ... I am determined to break out of that obsession!

The cure is very simple, just brushing your teeth or gargle salt water daily, further, every morning I drink 1 cup of lemon juice mixed with honey and warm water, in honey has antibacterial quality very good, combined with lemon, help reduce disease must foul mouth.

In addition, the diet is also very important to note, need to avoid foods that may cause a smell like onions, garlic, spices, hot, spicy food much grease. The more meagre diet with plenty of vegetables, fruits, very good for health as well as reduce odor-causing.

Thanks to persevere with his foul mouth way that feeling of confidence when communicating with people has arrived, I no longer worry when always cause odors for the opposite.

People also try to apply this to have sweet breath over it.=