The food really should have in your home refrigerator

Salad vegetables

The food really should have in your home refrigerator.

A salad made from spinach (spinach) or rich salads, lettuce, mixed with tomatoes, beans, nuts. This salad can quickly turn into an appetizer with baked chicken, cooked shrimp, or lean beef.


Milk Cup cream or skim milk powder always good choices than other milk types if you do not want to "relate" to the fat. The milk can be used to mix the milk, blending into smoothies, coffee, and tea. Drink a cup of milk is also good. You can also add it to cereal, or bowl of oats. Low calorie milk and protein should be a really healthy foods.

Fruit salad

Pull fruit from vegetable drawer and turned it into a delicious fruit salad and then film-to be able to see. Put in the most conspicuous compartments of refrigerators.

Ice tea

One of the best ways to cut calories is to avoid the type of beverage that contains them. Your body will thank you if you choose the no-calorie beverages that can still provide you with a number of health benefits.  The tea contains plant chemicals are beneficial for health.  Green tea is said to be particularly beneficial.

The phytochemicals in green tea has a half-life of only a few hours, so get in the habit of drinking a cup of green tea in the morning and a Cup at the end of the day is right. Find a couple flavors you like, and mix in the fridge to make refreshments.

The juice

Fruits like BlackBerry, kiwi, Apple, Orange, grape, pineapple and papaya has many health benefits. What kind of fruit does not only contain fiber which is also very rich in antioxidants. Therefore, you should store fresh fruit juice in the refrigerator for convenience of use.

Noodles made from whole grains

Switch from refined cereal products to whole grain cereal is one of the changes that the healthiest diet you can do.

Studies have shown that eating more whole grains brings a kind of health benefits, such as help in weight control, reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes , heart disease, stroke and some cancers.

Keep a packet of pasta or bread whole grains in the fridge can inspire to cook some healthy fast food.


The fruit help your body to better absorb the nutrients (such as iron) in the gut.

Thanks to vitamin C-rich substance that lemon just to help you reduce stress have effects that rejuvenates, strengthens the immune system, and make beautiful hair and skin. Lemons are used a lot, e.g. for mixing water, do the salad, mixed into the sauce. The fruit help your body to better absorb the nutrients (such as iron) in the gut.=