The habit is very harmful to your liver is often overlooked

There are many ways to destroy your liver, and bad habits is one culprit can kill liver quickly. One of the liver damage is the routine that you usually don't notice.

Tvery familiar bald liver harm you usually ignore.

Sitting that long is not campaigning

In Oriental medicine have a saying: "look at the long term liver damage", "sit for long bone damage". The bone joints, tendons, ligament of liver system, is the base texture, important roads to the liver based on which to operate. Sitting that long is not campaigning will make the operation system of the liver is congested.


Must learn to speak softly, relief, always maintaining the mood fun. Oriental medicine for that, anger is one of the seven types of mood "happy, angry, worried, concerns, grief, fear, terrified," this is the strongest levels of mood, and easy to injure the liver.

Not enough sleep

If insufficient sleep, resting not on holiday then will lead to blood circulation to the liver, affects nutrition and moisture of liver cells, causing less resistance.

For people infected with the hepatitis B virus in liver cells which had suffered damage will be hard to recover and even has the ability to also evolve to deteriorate. So the need to maintain the habit of living and reasonable rules, ensuring adequate sleep, avoid working too hard.

Eat salty

Salty food is bad habits are not good for the liver by so those who eat salty should limit the amount of salt in the body and especially to modify bad habits are not good.=