The idea of ​​vegetables only makes unexpected spices treat many incurable diseases, do not know is a lifetime fee

Cilantro also called cilantro is a very familiar vegetable to housewives to add soup and hotpot to help increase the aroma for the dish. Spicy vegetables can also be eaten raw with some other dishes such as noodles, noodles, noodles or cooked with sour soup with sea fish to drown out the smell. Braised vegetables not only contribute to daily meals, they also work to treat the disease effectively, which is the etching of every disease.

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In cilantro, there are 92% water, 2.1% protid, 1.2% glucide, 2.1% cellulose, 0.29% vitamin B, 2.11% vitamin C, 2.11% carotene, contains many crystals Oil (0.1%), mainly limonene, aldehyd perilla, monoterpenoid cetone, and cis-4-caranone, there are also coumarine and flavonoid compound groups that have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects.

Modern pharmacology shows:

Anti-inflammatory activity: research at Mahidol University (Thailand) shows that cilantro has anti-inflammatory effect.

Antioxidant activity: a joint study between Mahidol University, Bangkok (Thailand) and Toyama University of Medicine and Pharmacy (Japan), recognizing that it is capable of being extracted with methanol and essential oils of L. aromatica. free radicals, NO radicals and resistance to lipid per-oxidation reactions. The antioxidant activity of methanol extract is stronger than that of essential oils.

Antimicrobial activity: the flavonoids in the cilantro have bactericidal activities when tested on Bacillus subtilis, Staphylococcus aureus, E. coli, Salmonella typhimurium bacteria, which shows very good antiseptic of intestinal and urinary tract.

Anticancer activity: nevadensin has cell kill activity when tested on dalton lymphoma, and Ehrlich cancer in mice (Swiss albino). Cell killing activity up to 100% at 75mcg / ml concentration (International Journal of Pharmacology No. 29-1991).

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According to Oriental medicine, vegetables are spicy, fragrant, slightly acrid, cool, has a calming effect, only points, detoxifies, defecates, except for inflammation, anti-swelling, analgesic, antiseptic, intestinal antiseptic. urination, kidney stone treatment, hot fever, anti-aging, cancer prevention . hydrotherapy, conjunctivitis, rheumatism, chickenpox, abdominal cramps.

Characteristics of coriander

Spicy vegetables are called coriander, cilantro, incense, aroma, deafness ., with scientific name is Limnophila aromatica. Cilantro is a herbaceous plant with a height of about 20 cm, a hairy sponge body. The leaves are smooth, opposite, sessile, slightly hugging the body.

The leaves near the body are small, the edges are slightly serrated. Flowers are almost single stalks in the leaf axils. Follicles are smooth, have bumps and wrinkles along the fruit, shorter than sepals. The cylindrical smooth grain has a light black color, and is still networked. The aromatic stems and leaves should be grown (or grown wild) as spices.

Healing effects of coriander

Tri cough, runny nose

Cough, runny nose are common symptoms at all ages, especially when the weather gets cold or changing seasons.

Remedies: Take 5 - 30 gr fresh greens, clean, sharp color to drink daily, the disease will be less.

Treat kidney stones

Method 1: Take 20-30g of fresh coriander, rinse, crush. Add cooled boiled water to the filter to get daily drinking water. Persistently implementing this remedy will give good results.

Method 2: Pick up fresh coriander, rinse, crush it with juice, then add some white salt to stir and drink twice a day. You need to be persistent to use it for about a week to see the effect.

Numb hands, numb legs

If you often have numbness in your hands, numbness of your feet or joints, you can get some coriander, put it into warm water to make it drink, it will be much better.

Tri snake bite

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The patient was bitten by a snake after decontamination, took 15-20g of fresh coriander, 25g of stork ants, crushed, added 20-30 ml of white wine, filtered for drinking water. If you don't leave, you should put it on the wound and use gauze again. It is also possible to take 20 - 40 gr of dried coriander, yellow star, and excellent colors to drink 4 - 5 times the dose.

Treat fatty liver disease

Take 100g of greens to dry in the lowland yellow star once, sharp 10 minutes with 50g of dried mint ground gold star once in 100ml of water, drink continuously for 1 month in the evening, after eating.

Good for sleepy people

Get 50g of coriander washed, crushed and squeezed to squeeze the juice, add a few salt grains to drink when you wake up and not brush your teeth, 10-15 days continuously.

Treatment of gallstones

100g fresh coriander finely grinded, squeeze the juice, add 1 tablespoon of honey to drink in the morning, fast for 10-15 days.

Treating blood in the urine

10g greens, 10g pen tower grass, 10g grass roots, finely chopped, dried, soaked in alcohol, gold stars then sharpened twice a day.

Treatment of flatulence, tightness in the stomach, indigestion

Get clean fresh greens, male incense (buy at male pharmacies). The second and second colors with 1,000 ml of water are still 250 ml, divided into 2 times, drinking the whole day.

Treat herpes

Fresh-cut vegetables are crushed, squeezed with juice to apply to lesions of herpes array (or skin diseases); Combine cooking water and vegetables to wash everyday.

Treatment of bedwetting

20g coriander, scent of 20g, 20g betel nut grass, 10g small leaf milk grass. All finely chopped, dried, and sharp with 400ml of water, 100ml, drink after dinner. Use 3-4 times.

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Note: When used in fresh form, due to sprouting vegetables in wet areas close to the soil, stems have many feathers, so it is difficult to wash, care should be taken when cooking, soaking with purple and salt water can be soaked. avoid the risk of poisoning. It is also possible to dip the vegetables in boiling water at a temperature of 40-45 degrees Celsius to kill helminth eggs (because of the trees that live in swamps, ponds and lakes, often have insects or eggs that stick to the trunk and leaves).

In addition, coriander vegetables are easily mixed with buffalo-tanned vegetables (Enhydra fluctuans Lour.) Belonging to the family of Compositae, which live on water or flooded.

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