The miracle surgery: Wolf bite takes mouth, biting report left hand

When animals attack will be extremely dangerous for your body and your health, there are cases, there are also cases leave sequelae throughout his life and also the cases of success or sow should hope in our lives.

Reconstructive Surgery of the face after 54 years of being the Wolf attack

Mr. Wu Xiuyou (65 years) living in Guizhou province, China. The wolves were attack Xiuyou when at age 11. Wolf had his mouth bite. After being bitten by wolves, Xiuyou can only eat liquid food. Because of the deformed face should not go to school, Xiuyou cannot marry, cannot find work. He has never had a life like normal people.

Wolf had his mouth bite.

The coming age of 65 men, this would be the doctor for surgery to reconstruct his face. Doctor Chen Fei, who will perform the surgery, said: "the patient has lost part of the mouth, the jaw then distorted. This will be the hardest surgery I've ever done in the past 15 years ".

His surgeon Xiuyou asked experts nationwide consultation, will have 20 doctors from 10 different faculties participated in the surgery. The surgery will reconstruct the upper lip, lower lip and facial muscles suffer his bite Xiuyou. Doctor Chen Fei said: "we will get two ply leather at the foot of the patient to transplant into my face. 6 months later we will continue for the orthodontic patient ".

The 5-week-old baby was bitten near off fingers

After the dinner, Hayley Cawley has placed a child 5 weeks old Dennie Dolan on the sofa and into the House to clean up. She suddenly surprised when heard the son's keen and she stood tall people when the eye see their children being a Fox bite and haul away xềnh xệch.

The left hand of a gnawed Fox Dennie Dolan.

Fox gnaw left hand of Dennie Dolan and trying to pull the boy out but struck the door. Hayley Cawley quickly ran back near the dam and chasing the Fox. Fox had to flee and leave the head and face with Dennie Dolan suffered scrapes, youngest fingers left almost left off the table.

The finger injury was work as usual.

After taken to the hospital, the boy was in a 5 hour surgery to reconnect the finger was broken. Currently, over 1 year old and was Dolan Dennie fingers hurt already work as usual and only faint scars.=