These 4 foods are both delicious and help treat stomachs without medicines


According to some studies, in nutrition to prevent the progression of H. pylori infection, you should eat flavonoid-rich foods. In the nutritional composition of apples contains powerful antioxidants that control the chemical molecules that react in the body. This, in turn, prevents inflammation - a benefit anyone with gastritis should eat.


In the nutritional composition of broccoli is a cruciferous vegetable that contains isothiocyanate sulforaphane, a compound that can kill H. pylori bacteria. In many studies, green greens suffering from gastritis were fed broccoli. Mice showed significant improvement because of reducing inflammation and inhibiting the growth of good bacteria for people with stomach problems.

Yogurt is good for the stomach

Green tea

In many studies, tea catechins, the antioxidant compound in tea, may help fight gastritis. In the nutritious composition of green tea contains Catechin tea can be active or effective if the increase in the rate of bacterial strains leads to good antibiotic resistance for stomach patients.

In the nutritious component of green tea also works to soothe stomach pains. You can also replace green tea with chamomile tea, which is also good for people with stomach problems.


In the nutritional composition of yogurt contains Probiotics or certain fermented foods bring many health benefits.

Green tea is good for health

In addition, yogurt also contains substances that give your gut a lot of beneficial microorganisms to increase immunity and reduce this good bacteria that can help fight stomach ulcers.