These habits should avoid when body hygiene

Sharing Combs, brushes, towels, napkins, clothes ... with other people

Brush shared with other people who have the risk of the disease transmitted through blood, saliva (if both people scratched and bleeding gums when brushing). General strategy can cause a number of diseases such as: the first few moments, cold sores ... If used towels, clothes, you are spreading the disease Gynecology is entirely possible. So, if you have this routine needs to quit immediately.

Abuse anti bacterial SOAP when washing hands

Routine hand hygiene is very good. However, wash your hands with antibacterial SOAP does not properly will not benefit anything. To destroy bacteria that people should wash their hands with antibacterial soap from 20 to 30 seconds.

If regularly washing hands with SOAP the bacterium can also adapt the antibacterial ingredient in SOAP and gradually they will be capable of resisting the ingredients. In addition, you need to know to use the SOAP will constantly losing water to the skin causing the skin rough and dry your hands.

To long fingernails

Many people have the habit to long nails but don't pay attention to the hygiene. Long fingernails, is the ideal refuge of the bacteria. If not nail hygiene, these bacteria will easily penetrate into your body when you hand feed exposure or grasp the other widgets. In addition, long nails could be the weapon powerful to you scratching itchy skin on the bouts were for. But the consequences of leaving the region is therefore of you scratched a lot. Thus the neat nail trimming is the should do.

Bath when cool weather

If you think cool no sweat should not need a bath should remove immediately. Whether the weather is hot or not, your body is also a certain sweat heart. The amount of sweat with dirt on the skin if not removed daily will accumulate and cause inflammation of the skin. So the bathing, personal hygiene is something you need to do regularly.

Take a pair of socks in two, three days of each other

A SOCKS go from day to night, from day to day would be harmful for your health. It not only can make your leg "stink" that also do foot diseases caused by bacteria. So should all change daily. When you go to bed you should also replace the socks went out all day with clean socks. Also, before you go to bed so the foot into hot water to warm up with a few grains of salt to keep healthy for your feet when you often have to go all-in.

Shampoo with cool water

Shampoo with cool water easily lead to headache due to nerves. In addition, shampoo with cool water works well with warm water. Because the shampoo with warm water to make the capillaries dilate, causing enlarged pores, helps the metabolism and waste substances, scum and shampooing is cleaner. So, if you have the habit of shampoo with cool water need to note.

Do not cover the mouth when coughing, sneezing

That's the least you can do to protect the environment and the health of the people around. If not cover mouth, germs from your mouth will quickly spread into the atmosphere and endanger the health of the people. You should use a handkerchief or tissue paper to cover the mouth, his nose back when coughing or sneezing. Then need to dry clean paper towels remove left hand towel in the trash.

A bath right after exercise

After the exercise, sweating, many people will want to take a bath. But that's not good for the health. After exercising 10 to 20 minutes after a break (especially about the body near the normal every day) you take a toothpick. A warm bath is best.

Wipe your hands with paper feed

Many people have the habit of wiping your hands with paper feed when your hands are dirty. You have to know to use the paper feed just has the effect of cleaning. You should wash your hands with water because most types of paper feed are not able to guarantee the hygiene and safety because they are completely disinfected.=