Those 'forbidden' eat clam

(MissNews)-Ngao cuisine is very unpopular but before this food choice you should know it fits his health or not..., health, care ...

Ngao is food that has high nutritional value and easily combined in the processing daily. However, in families and more people in these ages and diseases, can use the dishes from clam or not?

Photo : Those 'forbidden' eat clam

Those Should not eat a lot of clams for people with gout or a history of gout.

People with gout

Ngao is a type of food that has a high protein content, so it is also kind of clam component high purines. Purine compounds in the body also will be resolution into uric acid-a major cause gout. Hence the recommendation should not eat a lot of clams for people with gout or a history of gout.

Those stomach pain

Ngao is the kind of food that are cold, not good with people suffering from stomach pain. If you still want to eat clams, when user should eat more fresh ginger to at least 1.

People with colds

Colds are the most common diseases in the spring and winter due to the cold air caused. Can a person catch cold 200 times, this is the temporary number if that person lived to the age of 75, for children each year can be from 4-8 times and older often suffer colds more elderly people are those who have been exposed to most of the viruses that cause the common cold. Ngao, weldability cold dining-proofing.

The people with kidney disease

Ngao has cold and salty should the people with kidney disease, eating less slows target should not eat clam.

The things noted in seafood

-Do not eat sea products dead: With the seafood shellfish such as cockles, clams, oysters, snails, ... If ingested the dying will cause allergies, bacteria when the body produces toxins, while polyunsaturated fatty acid contained inside can be easily oxidized.

-Do not eat the same fruit seafood: fish, shrimp, crab and other seafood are rich in protein and calcium, while the fruits contain more tannin, so if eating the fruit after eating seafood does not only affect the absorption of protein, your body's calcium, but also cause abdominal pain, nausea , vomiting and other symptoms. At best, the two food should eat 2 hours.

-Should not drink much beer along with seafood: shrimp, crab, crab and other seafood combined with yeast easy to increase the amount of uric acid, this is the cause of gout, kidney disease ...