Unexpectedly, the low-priced vegetables sold in addition to support are dubbed the Emperor, helping to clear the skin unexpectedly

The cheap vegetable is called "Emperor"

Cucumber is sourced from China. This is a herbaceous plant, leaves are hugged into the body, shaped like a bird's feather, often cultivated for people to eat vegetables. Besides the nutritional value of food, chrysanthemum is also known as a great medicine. According to Western medicine, chrysanthemum is rich in nutrients such as 1.85% protid, 2.57% glucid, 0.43% lipid and has many vitamins B, C, very good for heat clearing, detoxification, Effective prevention of aging and pimples. Also according to Oriental medicine, chrysanthemum has a light sweet taste, slightly bitter, aromatic, cool properties help treat coughs, headaches, colds, . extremely effective.

Since ancient times, chrysanthemum has been grown in beds in the royal royal garden. Each stage of the tree's development, bringing a very unique color, makes mandarins admire and admire. With noble origins, with the "miraculous" effect to health, chrysanthemum also has another name called "Emperor's Tree".

The effects of chamomile on health:

1. Diuretic: With abundant content of amino acids, fat, protein, sodium and minerals, chrysanthemum helps regulate metabolism in the body effectively, helps diuretics.

2. Sedation: Cucumbers are rich in vitamins, carotenoids and amino acids that help improve mood, help sleep, sedate, very good for people with depression.

3. Prevention of constipation: Cabbage contains an extremely abundant amount of fiber to promote bowel movement, help the body and eliminate toxic substances in the intestinal tract, prevent constipation effectively.

4. Beauty, skin rejuvenation: In chrysanthemum contains many ingredients that help the skin increase elasticity, regenerate new skin cells quickly, help women prevent pimples and smooth chestnut skin.