Use fabric softener, sitting sofa ... vulnerable to infertility

Long bike ride

Cycling leg training is much sport of gentlemen preferred. But the macho ranks should not think that cycle as long as healthy body.

Sitting on a bicycle during the long workouts will make "little boy" device loss

That on the contrary, if sitting on a bicycle during the long workouts will make "little boy" device loss, even rupturing, from which cause the obstruction of sex function of men. The cause was explained by the saddle. The saddle is not very hard but also the jutted forward. When cycling, the "small boy" will often collided with the saddle.

The habit of using canned food

The habit of using the canned foods affect the ability of the man. People often find the canned food is very convenient but most of them are great but the amount of sodium contains a very low potassium.

This will lead to hypertension disease reduces blood flow to the sexual organs. Meanwhile, the process of demanding sex of blood should be full circulation.

Use the canned variety will lead to hypertension disease reduces blood flow to the sexual organs

Furthermore, canning often covered by bisphenol-A (BPA), a chemical can disrupt the hormonal system, male. So eating too much canned food may cause erectile dysfunction.

Use artificial sweeteners

The manufacturers often use sweeteners such as aspartame to create flavor and beauty than for their products. However, when using multiple sweet substance will reduce the likelihood of the production of serotonin in the body, a substance that makes you happy, enhance sexual desire.

Aspartame can cause problems like headaches, depression and also affect the production of dopamine, a catalyst thatstimulus.

Use the product make scents

Women often have the habit of using scent in clothes, fabric, hair dryer discharge, deodorant roll ... so maybe this is the cause of infertility in women. By main ingredients to create scents are phthalates, a toxic chemicals are capable of causing physiological dysfunctions of the sisters, leading to infertility.

Sit sofa soft long time

Medical science has researched and discovered that, if in the long time sitting on the sofa software will cause serious damage to the "little boy" who's you whiskers.

Because the normal sitting posture is taken hip bone do the fulcrum, "little boy" will be alone in the middle of the two legs. But when you sit on the sofa, Fulcrum was low down, your feet will musically, "little boy" so will pinched, obstruction of blood circulation, so will not good for erectile mechanism.=


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