With only 2 cheap spices, you can cure the evil migraine on your own

Fresh Lime

In the nutritional composition of fresh lemon contains many acids, vitamin C, and other minerals that help the human body clean and eliminate toxins effectively. Besides, lemons contain many acids but it has an alkaline effect and helps digest fat easily. Fat types are also one of the causes of migraines in us. In addition, lemons also help cure cardiovascular disease, blood pressure is one of the causes of stroke in the elderly.

In ancient times when medicine was not yet well developed, it was known to put half a lemon on the wrist of a migraine for 10 minutes, and it helped reduce the symptoms of the disease in a snap.

Fresh lemon not only helps treat migraines, it also helps to lose weight

Fresh ginger

Ginger is a medicine in Eastern medicine. In the nutritional composition of ginger has a very unique flavor, slightly sweet, refreshing and spicy reduces migraine symptoms in humans. Besides, bed also helps prevent ovarian, prostate and colon cancer. Helps prevent infection and strengthen the body's defense mechanisms.

Ingredients : 2 whole lemons. 50 grams of peeled fresh ginger. 2 liters of water. Sweet grass a little bit

Fresh ginger effectively cures migraines

How to do it : Put fresh lemon sliced ​​into pieces, sliced ​​ginger, water, sweet grass sugar in a blender for 2 minutes at medium speed. Then filter carefully.

How to drink : Use 2 cups in the morning. 3 cups in the middle of the morning. 3 cups in the middle of the afternoon and 1 cup before bed.