Woman beat 'death' thanks ... plants

Not only that, from the experience and lessons of Chinese monks drug was passed, she has brought hope for the hundreds of people living together.

In the face of death!

She Advanced age have almost 70 song with white skin, black hair and the fresh faces who also thinks she just degrees 50 years. No one imagines that the she had been Advancing BV returns as carried in the root of cancer. Next we at his home in HO CHI MINH CITY, she quickly advanced to take water a tea invites, on permanent lip mikumari. She slowly recounts the miraculous stories from his life:

That was in 1991, I feel uncomfortable in person. Gradually I weak health to BV Dong da-Hanoi to visit. Initially the doctors did not detect what disease that just say be lymph nodes, but do feel his body's not right so I told the doctor, let's take the test cell. One suspect, then I notice her throat cancer last stage ...

The minute "lightning ear horizontal" makes you so mean rủn limbs. Try to relax, the doctor said she must stay to radiotherapy. Ms. rice very compelling call phone message for my husband. The intro to BV K, Hanoi, to radiation therapy. But as she Advanced treatment as weaker. She said: "do not understand why more run radiation disease exacerbated, the doctors threaded through the nose at lead to treatment, I vomited green bile, bile, both of gold ... Then, I go home "pay K BV. That means, she advanced to brink of death's hand.

When people faced with the fragility in between life and death, as instinct urged her to live because her husband, because the. She has continued to please lie back BV in nursing with the desire to hold on, but every day or as BV K paid about should who also advised her treatment Progresses.

The drugs from plants was she to healing.     Photo: Virtue

Strange medicine of song monks

As a child, Ms. Sara often Progresses with his family. In a moment of mortal life, she Advanced search about where She has been Buddha. door a Background name in Bronze pagoda Hanoi, Quang-encouragement, encouragement: "come on, although the return of K, but the HOSPITAL has found on the mouth of the Buddha, yet nothing is late". Then she set up a shrine ceremony. This time she regularly frequented the temple worship Optical Board. See her health Advances increasingly weak, monks in the background says: "you don't have to dive to Wade down here again because my health is not good. The seat would have time to Buddha and not necessarily go so far as ".

Listen to monks, she Advanced search to the monks named Like Thanh Phong, of Chinese descent at the time at West Temple in Vinh Phuc Province. She advanced to its enthusiastic monks of picking for the drugs are derived from plants to treat disease. Regularity drink the smoking ladder which, combined with the Palm of the Buddha, she candidly Advanced glasses no longer think much to the death, do not panic as at first hearing the news herself sick anymore.

Dr. she recounts his treatment process

In 1999, after 8 years of treatment with the drug post of monks Like Thanh Phong, she has seen in person more comfortable. At this time, the monks told her: "now we're going for the document, the post to do following this ceremony, the ceremony will have the patient look to treatment. However I'm not be based on the patient to eat money of people, so loc loc came and went. You have to remember ... ".

At this, she herself has gradually returned to normal activities. That's the motivation makes you believe I can't die of cancer that will overcome the disease. She is still drinking the drug post it until now. Dr. She excited Breeze: "currently, each doctor visit, my cancer was im not doing anything I'm famous!". At the same time, Word of monks Like Thanh Phong, also had the sick people search to Advanced thanks to Grandma caught smoking on a cancer cure.

Remember, she told Dr. monks laboring picking each type of vegetation in the post that monks had passed on making drugs to treat yourself and let the same people carry the disease cancer. "Initially I only took 5 thousand Dong a warm smoking, increased to 10 thousand, then to date is 30 thousand Dong a warm. Each drink is so warm a few minutes. Someone quickly stopped the disease, the more slowly but most of the sick are tended to and remission is im not cause pain for the patient... ".

Notes book names, addresses of patients to treat.    Photo: Virtue

According to her, there were a lot of conditions such as: u, u, u prostate ... after pill she was cured. Each sick person before finding she must go to the doctor, then based on the information from her will Advance search BV leaves, suitable trees to make drugs for the disease. Dr. She confided: "I go away then even my husband can not loading or sell drugs, because monks Prefer Thanh Phong was Lok could not allow a third person to know if article exposing, smoking will no longer be applied . I'm not a good person, nor learn more through medical literature. I just like cows grazing on grass, tree leaves. See the leaves would work with myself, I applied to others appropriately to prevent disease ".

All the sick people to buy drugs, the cure is her Advancing years, record details, address in pamphlet, in which there is even a doctor in search of her next to also get BV. "There are many patients come to me already please take back my photos to about make the mirror followed for people from their homes. They feel the energy in the fight with mortal illness, which probably also was the most effective drug to motivate those who thought his cancer cannot live and die ... ", Mrs. Dr. said.

2012 the monks Liked Qingfeng Park President, 106 years old, leaving my sorry hurt immensely for her and her family. She is of the position that the original monks United Trust entrusted. She also always consider that will replace the monks continue to improve administrative work in the realms of life.

Currently, she still Practices the drug packaging and coordinated with the monks belonging to the Buddhist Church Board of Phu Tho Province to distribute to impoverished patients healing no money ...=