10 points of women who like to caress the most on a man's body, the last position shyly dares not speak out

For each person there will be different tastes, but these are common points that women like to caress most on a man's body.

Nose and mouth

The girls often have the habit of closing their eyes and feeling from the eyes to the nose and mouth. Then maybe she will remember all these details, this is the most peaceful moment for them.


This is also a sensitive position that every husband likes his wife to kiss. Touching, chirping and light kisses in the areas around the ears will help him become more prolific and intense in love. Understanding and doing this has proven that your 'love' level is high!


A light kiss moves around the neck, the back of the neck of the neck will cause a high arousal. At the same time, when you kiss your neck, you should use your hands, combined with the 'lower part' massage, to make sure you guys have to 'moan in happiness'.

Picture 1 of 10 points of women who like to caress the most on a man's body, the last position shyly dares not speak out

Picture 1 of 10 points of women who like to caress the most on a man's body, the last position shyly dares not speak out

Chest head

Like girls, breasts are also a sensitive point in the most emotionally flowing men. Because around the nipples of the guys is also a place to gather a lot of sensory nerves. During the "lovemaking", wives only need to kiss, or bite lightly on this duck is enough to make the husbands tremble with happiness.


The arm is also one of the points that she is extremely fond of stroking on a man's body. Every time she rests her head on his arm, she will lightly slide her fingers over it and chuckle silently. Because this is a solid place to hug them into their hearts and be ready to spread out every time they meet.


The back of men is not only the part that women want to caress, this is also the place where she always likes to push her up. The feeling is very close and it is like being warmed to the enemy. The gentleness of the sisters while stroking his bare back, also brought great effect in the defense.


A sensitive spot in men that sisters like to touch is the navel area, they are also passionate about being kissed on this area. As long as the slight bumps of the hands or lips, will help the abdomen, around the navel, have to contract by stimulation, making blood circulation work better, from which electrical impulses in love also become more intense.


Thighs are also one of the most stimulating parts of a man's body, so some women also want to explore. If you pay attention, you will find that every time you are close to a woman, you do not miss this feature, but you are enthusiastically stroking it.


Not only do men like to look at women's claws 3, women also like to touch the men's round 3. A man who owns a large third round will attract women, because touching it will create pleasure for both sides to help the "rain cloud" much more excited.

Secret place

Many women still do not dare to speak out this secret but must count 99.99%, all like touching men 's private spaces. This is not simply a stimulus for the party but also a curiosity and satisfaction of the female feelings, the discovery of his most secret place is extremely interesting.

Every time close to him, feel free to share everything because it is also a way for two people to understand each other better. Don't be shy, try to enjoy the moments that both are together.