4 love postures help her heat more than ever, making the sublimated love surprise

Lie on the side

Let her lie slightly tilted to the left, and you kneel down and sit on her left leg. Her right leg will curl, hugging her friend tightly. You put your arms behind her and hold her tight and keep your body balanced when you are having sex.

Leaning posture helps both sublimate when affectionate because it helps gentlemen to explore the end of 'girl' and still keep the pace of 'love' gentle and steady.

Most women feel excited and easy to come to the top if the partner does not fall into the state of "not coming to the market has run out of money" and knows how to love continuously, rhythmically, not too much.

Don't forget to use your 'magic' hand to stimulate hot spots on your body and clitoris to create more pleasure and pleasure for her.

Start gently, slowly until she catches up with you, slowly increasing the speed and pressure to bring you both to the top. Surely she will not be able to resist this impressive attack and obediently follow your "steer".

One of the most beautiful poses: The posture of climbing trees

It is somewhat similar to the cowgirl posture but the other is that you will not be lying on your back but have to sit up. This is a position that helps both of them rise to the top for a while when both bodies blend together.


For your partner to lie on his stomach halfway on the bed, his legs fall to the floor naturally and comfortably. And you stand behind her, helping her to raise her hips.

At this point, you will apply the 'attack' form from the back by clamping her 2 legs, raising it to the position on your knees, approaching and slowly penetrating.

Your legs hold outside her legs, use her thighs to squeeze them together, thereby tightening the contact point between 'little boy' and 'little girl'.

This position makes it easy for you to get in touch and stimulate on point G to help you quickly reach orgasm. In addition, you also have the opportunity to see her slender back, the waist of the ant and her fiery, round stretch.

Lie on your stomach completely

Put her on her stomach completely down on the bed, her knees slightly bent and slightly raised her hips. To help her have a comfortable support and a hip angle to help the 'boy' easily meet the partner, you can put a pillow under her belly.

Slowly explore her from behind and keep her body weight by fighting her hands.

You can approach her, caress her back and neck, or give each other passionate kisses. Your provocative love action will make her excited and moan.

Plus the feeling of the penis becoming 'more terrible' than usual due to this posture will make her pleasure soar and both will easily get together to the top.