5 tips in the sexiest foreplay that makes him hard to resist, the last few people try

Undress for him

Not only women, men also like their partners to undress themselves, which is the most provocative foreplay before 'falling in love'.

Learn how to kiss passionately

Close your eyes, put your lips on his lips and "hang out". While moving your lips gently, slowly and intentionally, blend in slowly and just experience the sensation. After all, nothing feels as sexy as a perfect kiss with someone who knows how to kiss.


He loves the way you arouse his desires with his own breath. Breathe gently on his neck, letting him know you're ready for a hot fun. Breathe into his chest and stomach. The hot air will stimulate the love fire in him and make your love much more interesting.

Discover their bodies

While kissing, put your hand along their back or over their arm or shoulder. Gently kiss the partner's neck, wrists and the rest of the body. If your partner whines or relaxes their body, they are definitely infatuated with what you do.

Let your hands linger throughout the body of the other half, but when doing that, close your eyes and run your lips over the rest of your body. It is sexy and arouses desire, and it will surely make you both feel really terrible!

Use your tongue intelligently

Tongue is considered a useful tool to bring pleasure when having sex. However, if you do not know how to use it or use too much, too strong will make your girl uncomfortable. Skillfully and gently using your tongue to cuddle ears, neck area or "boy" will make him happier and more stimulating.