'Bed' women should avoid

Both are caught quite some error when ' love ' and it affects the quality of the ' love ' of you. If find yourself stuck those things, let's quickly dispose of it to find the joy in life .

Toilet not clean

Error when "love" to affect the quality of the "your love"

You don't necessarily have to grooming, dress so nice before the forest, but at least you need to shower first, especially brushing gargle.

Stop halfway

When his emotions are worthwhile, then the stop the middle of you is a really good action.

Stop the Middle the love will kill the guy's feelings.

Guide the guy what to do too much

Men really like to listen to what you want and feel. But that is just the conversation outside the bedroom. While "love", he would not want to be a small pupil was a detail Guide, that will kill the guy's feelings.

Always laughing inappropriately

You worry and want to relieve his thrill? But laughing in bed sometimes make things worse with your guy. Sex is fun but not a joke.

Wait for the active guy in everything

It is the activity of both people, so why are you back for dominant guy and always have to lead it. Try holding active positions in a few months time, for him to know what you want and create new life in his bedding. That will make your guy is surprised and killed Mexican dead get tired of you.

You too sung

Unless the guy with that, you should not leave "traces" love on Guy body-especially the bite, scratch texture can leave scars. If that is your preference, then should just bite on the ear, the chest or the sensitive area of the guy.

Shouting, name calling guy

Many people admit that the screaming, name calling while bruised cause the enemy and themselves irritated powerful. However, you should not create the habit of yelling or name calling in this sensitive sensitive point of time if you are not sure what will play out from his mouth.

No response Kiss guy

In contrast with much thought, man kissing woman loves being kissed even more, while "love". Avoid looking at each other and appearing annoyed when are married, that would kill the feelings of both of you.

Wore clothes when in love

Don't hide the curves of the body

Don't hide the curves of your body by men would love them. It will not have anything interesting without the interaction of the two flesh. So Andy Siamese family medicine to two you can harmony and emotion than sublimation.

Like the lights

Women often feel inferiority and insecurity about their body when naked, so they want to turn off the bulb and "love" in the dark. They don't know that their guy has always seen intrigued by all the points that you think they're ugly. So, if he'd been admiring your body, please change this habit of his.

Funny story just in bed

Some women superiors what the roomrenovation, by thinking like that makes her daring too that the "damage" in the eyes of my husband. men love the adventure and novelty, please glance over for "bedding" Apart from the bed, the results will look incredibly unexpected.

Asked about the old guy's anniversary

Many girls just have the habit of asking about the experience of bed with ex-lover of men, it is a thing not so. Men don't want to hear these questions. He's in love with you and want to be with you, that is more than enough.

Is not subject to change

You are always faithful to the traditional posture from time at the wife? Don't just tied to a pose every time, and repeating this. Try these other options, you will find it interesting and stimulating.=