Discover 5 'G points' on a female body, just touch is a sublimation love, sublimating

Lips and tongue

Kisses are always the source and starting point for every love. The starting point is brilliant, it will follow and stimulate the desire in the body. For women, the inner lip and tongue are very sensitive. Use your skillful kissing style with your hands to gently massage her body, easy-to-stimulate areas such as back, butt, thigh . surely you will see a response from her.

Or orgasm from the skin

Some women say they can also achieve orgasm when touching the skin. That's why women like cuddling, caressing and massaging all over the body.

So women don't need to experience sexual intercourse or search for 'eye strain'. Pay attention to these sensitive positions and cleverly lead him to your will.

Or orgasm from breast

Many women report that they can achieve orgasm when stimulated in the chest, especially 2 breast. Women's breasts, which are surrounded by sensory nerves, are pleasurable. When stimulated, the flower will also erect and send signals to the brain to increase the pleasure of the girls.

The breast stimulation process also helps release oxytocin, also known as 'cuddly hormone', which makes the 'love' more interesting. Before the period of 2 weeks 'red light' is the most sensitive time of the breast, take advantage of this time to 'love' passionately, she will easily come to the top.

Vertical lines from the navel down her

You wonder why the prelude is so much that she's still "dry"? That's because you haven't touched this straight line. The longitudinal road from the navel to the girl is not too long but extremely sensitive. There are many women who confess that they immediately want to enter the scene when their partners marry, lick the area.

The warm lips carrying a burning sensation, a little sadness when touching the sensitive area made their bodies goosebumps, the girl became wet and the instinct to crave something higher than the wire .

So, after kissing your chest, don't forget to make a line stretching from your navel to near her. This G point will make you extremely happy.

Kid, little girl

The final G-spot that you need to take care of before you want to enter the center of the rain is 'little girl'. With enough stimulation of the parts made above make sure 'girl' is already wet. However, do not rush to take off her pants, use a little hand from the outside. Sometimes because of a little way of going back, it will make her look much better.

The female body has enough G points for you to test. However, when trying to practice, please contemplate whether your partner is captured in any specific G point. From there you will know how to 'dimension' her whenever sex is more affectionate.