Easy fat husband ... lazy to 'love'

Husband: happy tears

The capital of the husband (HA Dong-Ha Noi) Tibetan people in tall, thin, low, round again and you should go where everybody also ironically "the pair of 10" and then my wife ate her husband ... makes Lan very upsetting. Recently, her sister's husband transferred to new work, often have to go to breeding. Plus supplements regime, thorough care of his wife, anh Tuan quickly gain weight. In just 3 months, he has increased the 10 kg makes Lan play Gospel sister crying and with this momentum, he will continue to gain weight. But from the day my husband gaining weight, after hours happy, Ms. Lan found no peace of mind one bit because in addition to the phệ section of the British out belly, the other just slightly up slightly. Busy work, go early on another body late at night there most ì ạch makes you lazy part Tuan bedding, this story as she led Finland to worry.

Take the good fat husband is what the wife wants to

Like her sister, Ms. Van (East England) mind: my husband more and play chess, now has over 80 kg. I'm not just worried you prone to suffer from diabetes, heart disease, but also sad because he is suspended permanently married story. Dinner is done, you're watching the tv and then go to sleep. The wife, just because "it" that make the story with my husband, but I'm not sad to say is not ".

Whether that would weigh in again affects the ability to "love" of the guy?

Fat means reduced sexual quality

Maybe not many people know, but according to scientists, the "love desire" as well as "love" of men are affected by their weight. According to research by the University of Florence, Italy, made on 2435 South patients cured the problem can not "extended barrel" shows: the more overweight, the more testosterone hormone will reduce post-harvest. In addition, when overweight men are prone to high blood pressure, reduces the amount of blood flow on "firearms", causing them to get stuck in the "up" barrel.

But the fat husband ... means reduced libido and the ability to "blanket pillow

A study of hospital Graduate, Philadelphia, United States of America, also found that the body contains more fat, desire to "love" that will reduce the travel.

Plan a "correct" weight for my husband

The best way to regain libido and the ability to have sex for fat husband is exercise. Exercise not only helps reduce weight but also promote blood to the end of week.

You also don't need to catch him to KY bridge set, just walking about 30 minutes every day. weight or ten minutes/day, twice/week is motor and body weight loss story is not too difficult.

Let's plan a "correct" weight for my husband right from today

At best, you make exercise with her husband to help him have more motivation. Meanwhile, 2 you will have private time together more than thanks for that easy finding new recover as love. Work something together in General and exercise together in particular will help the two of you more intimacy, sticking and healthier.

In addition, you can help my husband pick food and reasonable menu arrangement. Should prioritise food rich in nutrition, low fat, whole grain brown rice as root, black bread instead of cakes, the more fat, more sugar.

You should let her husband eat more vegetables, fruits low in sugar help manage blood sugar and cholesterol levels, which increase sexual desire intimacy, even when he isn't losing weight.=