Esoteric 'Elixir' in the room the man's Buttocks

The unusual path would suffer as the road up a Pu Hao, Muong Moriarty district of Sop (Sơn La), where supposedly the source of rumors about the ' Elixir esoteric ' help ...

The secret of "the room" "learn" according ... fun jungle

We don't remember how many enter through the steep mountain pass round the winding with the bend folded elbow, one side is the towering cliffs, one side is the cliff like puzzling people go way.

Just know that when you arrive and the cars are already "spectatorto" as just about the battles. That's still not stop the leak in the ears for the Pu mat up dating Hao (Pu Hao) hunt for precious. That demonstrates the problem reinforces the "backbone" for wings you antennae must always be one of the top priorities.

The telling of some of the brothers ever to Pu Hao from before, we look to the House he Giàng Goat Dua (Secretary of the branch a Pu Hao). He is credited with recording for the secrets of precious articles "tứn khửn" (in the local language "Tứn khửn" which means "erect") are the wings you beard hunt for what the search for treasure.

In addition, he is also the person who is the Goat who taught "the scroll" of many precious remedy was developed from experience in medicine, healing of many generations of people lived in this place the Butt.

Heard there to search, he runs back, and Navy g.i. Goat tube pipe clearly is a high low people busy. Seen from afar, saw a man energetic, agile steps, we thought it was a young boy, discovers he is back Dua Giàng officers Goats for age was named as significant in the region, for security has Scion Interior.He warms to invite us into your home, don't forget the calf out those precious wine to child abuse. Never drink alcohol that his complexion for pinky as the pollen causing a woman like me from silently envy.

According to his introduction of goats, each of its wines are soaked in a formula and there is a special application to use for healing or health supplements. Each category, he put them into giving us each a Cup to drink, but to test its ultimately wine he just scoop for you, taking the same Cup with with I have no part.When I wonder then he Goats just smile smiling said, "this Category is only for men.". Both me and my friend turned to look at each other, eyes cleaning háy as the same rings "itself! Itself! ".

You old heads, spent only wine cup dispensers are not filled and then welcome awaited. Eyes full of admiration for the guy's wine jugs you along its owner well enough to see great uses of it. No need to introduce the host well enough to know this is the "Elixir" mountains named "Tứn khửn" that we've ever heard.

When asked about the origin of the drug was dubbed the potion "Rapture", his answer Goats makes us incredibly unexpected to hear people here get khửn "tứn medicine" article to learn from the "secret" of animals in breeding season.

He said, the smoking Goat is mainly in "tứn khửn" is taken from the "sour" adzes tree (also known as "Chi Nunnery Temple"), a dish like password of animals in breeding season."Chi adzes tart" is the type of vines, berries, living based on the ancient trees so they grow in deep forests, where many trees to extend, at least, the Sun.

This tree grows in the ground, leaves small, pale blue, wire and leaves the bulls throughout the ground, ripe fruit are red pink, looks very nice. Special things and also the similarities between "lice" and "sour adzes erected" of the "tứn khửn" is the fruit of the tree always pointing straight up to heaven in a mighty way.

His story about the Goat made of potion becomes increasingly attractive. He tells that, in these times of deep into the jungle to hunt animals, after witnessing the same exam a third eat fun jungle berries strangely attractive colors, the venerable old named Giàng A Transatlantic adventure has eaten the fruit of this outlandish stuff to try. Ate, he thrilled the wait how do not. Unbelievably, not those he is not but also see the utmost, whole body rạo flaming back early. At the time, he suddenly understood why the animals of the forest, "enchanted" this dish is.

He immediately picking "spirit" carry on drying, soaking, drink alcohol. Khửn "tứn" article and also became his wife's afternoon "recipes" transmission of life of men who Butt in this place. Results of the "sour adzes" begin winter, about September, October of lunar calendar.

When ripe, the fruit is fragrant and spicy aroma, characteristic of flying throughout the forest. This is also the breeding season of squirrel and civet. Every result, herds, flocks of Civet brunch bustle back across the jungle Cạch Pa search feed the result of "sour adzes releases" ripe to have a breeding season for real.

Result Result "Chi adzes tart".

Hard to find as "Chi adzes tart"

Results of the "sour adzes" which was extremely difficult to find, have to scramble with the beasts should be getting results you again become more difficult. To get the result "Chi adzes tart" rare, men, young people the butt must also enlist every second, every minute to win each result with the animal herd, if do not want to accept out of white hands.Just saw the Sun come the cold, men Pu Hao back preparing tools, bring food, diving deep into the jungle to find Wade "Chi adzes tart".

As a rare, hard to find, the "Chi adzes tart" becomes more valuable than ever, so if there is no demand, then they can sell at a price few million 1 kg.

But many people off this winter to winter, the season would also save rice rice weave into the deepest places, pigs-most of Pa Cạch jungle with hopes of finding the "fried tomato" but failed to return or just pick up a few pieces of my children do eat squirrels, Civet floods leave.

He mouth with full face copy Goat dismay: "Civet, care in Pa Cạch forest East as comments. Releases have cooked up yet sour adzes eating off clean. As they eat more and more fullness, amount of each flock after breeding season again increased dramatically. They will eat all the fruit in the forest without sour adzes press snap again a result would ".

Leaving the House he goats, we wandered in to inquire about "the" God of the pharmacy.

Mr. Giàng A Lu, an old man in the village of tell, Tứn khửn is actually a type of drug is alcohol soaked with 3 plants are very difficult to include the "sour", "crab adzes procrastination ma" (ground beef type has length of about 3 m) and a half very well named "tứn khửn" (near plant taxonomy but leaves only about 15-20 cm). 3 plants carry on finely chopped, dried, pickled and groundies for at least 1 year and older.

After the groundies, wine was brought up doing religious ancestors then was drink. 3 this precious trees that once were associated together in child alcohol soaked then regarded as sufficient convergence has a post graduate ten additional featuring the amazing ability to not smoking anything.

Mr Lu said: "any man" weak ", retrieved his wife has long had no children before bed every night, drink a small cup and maintain regularity in a month, will" health "as usual and everything will" be there ".

In a Pu Hao, however, is the place of origin of the pickled unique drugs rarely seen but not everyone get wine home full three pills this quarter. Because increasingly, the drugs become more rare.

It is also easy to understand things when most lucky someone met plant were "digging the root, take advantage of the trốc to take advantage of the roots" to make the most of his chances. Besides, as this dish is like password squirrel and civet species while their number many loads should mention this species as at risk of extinction within easy grasp.=

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