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Usually, the diagram sublimation in the couple's that will begin a new phase in the wedding, the couple began to learn each other full of charm. At this stage, although the youth health but you don't yet know how his power distribution, when ham pit too, and the couple have not enough understanding to be able to sublimate together.

However, after that period the family started birth lay something, you have to add many other interests, so that it takes place like the article, don't bring couples many emotions.

Then the children grew up, back to the stage of care for a grandson, grandson ... until one day suddenly realized that I was getting older then the other stories also have no meaning for you.

So, if do not know how to care for it, meaning that you do not know how to care for themselves as well as not enjoy is entirely happy that God has given to man.

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From hard pursuit of yoga, the rooms of the couple I sublimated than other interesting feeling strange, unprecedented ... Photo illustrations

Husband and I were married for three years now. As busy as well as planning decisions, so we plan to have baby new year. About the time we spent the last 3 years, to live with his happiness full integrity.

Is 5, then my wife sign a yoga class for both husband and wife each morning early. At first, I oppose, not going to school because yoga is usually just for the elderly grandparents, or that females-I still often think.

However, when go practice and then see this sport brings many things extremely rewarding. Adjustable breathing exercises, adjust the toughness the body, focusing the thinking ... not the help me solve work better but also helped me a lot in it.

It's a way incomparable by instinct when applied techniques. The couple I feel happy and love each other more than once is really blossoming.

So, if there is an advice for you kids, I strongly recommend spending time interest in the couple, more athletic workout regularly as supporting sports for his very good, be it walking, table tennis, yoga is the best ... Be sure when you exercise regularly so happy going about with your spouse.=

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