How to massage the 'small boy' for enduring all 'war'

be prepared for a cool water pots and a pot of warm water then soak ' boy ' on cool water pots..., mat, massage, cau chuyen ay, sex, grapes, yeu ...

The little boy is not only the embodiment of health but also the hope of the guy when want to heroes in every battle. The guy always laid out standards for his little boy every time "the battle", how "small" you get the hardness toughness, the sturdy health to sublimation is always satisfying ending of every "battle". Therefore the suggestions below will help you achieve your expectations with small boy:

1. To the small boy get the hardness choice

Be prepared for a cool water pots and a pot of warm water then soak the "small boy" into the cool water pots. Just soak the medium to small boy massage relax. A minute later picked up the little boy out dipping into the warm water pots side and do the same thing in a minute.

Go through each workout session so "small boy" will be much tougher. Time to rehearse for the "little boy" is best when the bath, you will combine the two jobs at once and the regular workouts a week to 3-4 times so small sentence will mature quickly.

Just a pot of cold water and a water pot to massage "small boy"

2. To boy durable, supple in the "battle"

You want to extend the fun, but "boy", "xìu" is not in my "big boy" then how? Please note in between the genitals and the anus contains parts called the perineum. Press lightly on it will help increase the amount of time for the fight and create more suspense part into the sublimation.

However it should also be noted that to ensure the comprehensive development of small for you, in addition to the training you need to apply a sensible diet with nutritious foods for the elite such as: sprouting, eggs, milk, starch ...=

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