'Love' dangerous 'deadly' when pregnant should avoid

During pregnancy if the couple "relationship" is extremely dangerous to avoid note.

The sexual relations during pregnancy is there safe? This is the wonder that so many women have and are interested. For those who have ever had a history of damage to the fetus, or this is the first time they become pregnant, the parents vote will be very worried because of this. So there should have sex when pregnant or not?

According to the study shows doing "it" during the pregnancy will be very useful for the pregnancy, the mother elected will have a more relaxed mood, and there are studies that during pregnancy without sex easy to reduce the excretion of milk to feed the baby. But the important thing is that we need to know how sexual relations when pregnant is how to avoid the risk of bad happens.

Love through the back door

You should consider carefully because ' my rear ' can increase the risk of sexualdiseases. When pregnant, she elected to very or getting hemorrhoids or constipation par. Sexual intercourse through anus can cause friction, heat the anus caused bleeding or tearing of anal.

"Love" traditional style

When pregnant, my sister should not love in supine position when the abdomen began to pressure the body up because the husband over his wife's belly will affect the fetus. Especially in the last month, this posture can affect the supply of oxygen to the baby in the belly.

"Love" so quickly fatal

Active heat increase can cause hazard to elect her and the baby. Many men are not satisfied with the slow speed, they want the strong posture, daring to raise the heat for the love, but this can be dangerous in babies mother.

Sitting face to face. This posture is also doing the belly of the female partner being o so pressed the couple you should also not use. In summary, the couple should avoid the difficult relations posture, pressing the chest or the flare of the women. Note do not stimulate the breast to avoid uterine contractility.=