Men supplements with asparagus dishes

Asparagus is a vegetable rich in nutrition, is also a precious medicinal. Nutritional components of asparagus include protein, fat, fiber, calcium, iron, zinc, copper, folic acid, ... In the asparagus also contains many nutrients have the effect of increasing sexual desire in women such as vitamin E, vitamin A, vitamin C, potassium and vitamin B6-this substance has a key role in the production of testosterone (the hormone of sexual desire). Additionally, asparagus is still was considered food help diuretic, helps to treat constipation, reduce stress, enhance sexual health.

Eating asparagus, wine is a natural herbal viagra. Among food sexy shaped like weapons of men: bananas, carrots, butter ... asparagus is considered to have a positive effect on food for sexual health. Eat more asparagus, the "machinery" of the beard you will "run" aggressively not eat shellfish, oysters, desperately random pín, goats ...

-Physiological Weakness in men and the malfunctioning of sexual activity will be limited if ongoing white asparagus eaten in three days. According to the conception of the Japanese, Gemma white asparagus is sexual nature. No coincidence that the creator bestowed asparagus "spear".

-Circulation of blood flow to the sexual organs as well as the strong increase touch nerves when you regularly eat asparagus. If the associated cement rose with eggs, oysters, strawberries (which are actually beneficial food for sexual activity) ... will prove effective in the prevention of premature ejaculation and no erections.

-Men will increase libido in both the spirit and the body when eaten asparagus. In addition to helping you enhance, asparagus is also "left" help break the "descendant of Eva" ready to boom in "it".

Asparagus can be used for processing into various delicious dishes such as asparagus, sauteed asparagus salad with beef, chicken, shrimp, or baked, stew, soup, mannequin ... The dishes from the asparagus crispy cool taste of the vegetables together natural sweetness of animal protein to create a healthy and attractive.

Asparagus sautéed corn fungus: asparagus, nuts, corn, mushrooms East she washed, soaked. For the asparagus and mushrooms into boiling water blanched. Minced garlic, garlic, aromatic little corn seeds to the Pan fry with oil until almost nine for her Eastern mushroom stir-fry. Then for a quick stir-fry asparagus is. Serve hot.

Immature corn, asparagus soup: the asparagus and wash, non Thai corn chunks. For corn, asparagus, crab meat on the same island, fast hands, pour broth, spices and boil. The egg batter poured into the pot and stir slowly to melt evenly, gently pour the mixture of corn starch dissolved with less water in the pot and stir. Boil until the dish is slightly anemic. Serve hot.

Shrimp sauteed asparagus: wash the asparagus, cut 6-7 cm long, split. Cabbage cut long pieces of 6-7 cm. thin-cut carrots. Thinly sliced garlic. For garlic in Africa quickly stir-fry shrimp and add aromatic hand until shrimp cooked then exposed to disk, to own. For the carrot stir-fry, add little water for soft carrots and not burnt pan. Then empty the asparagus stir-fry. Last you for cabbage and shrimp stir-fry is quick.

Note: for fine food, should choose to purchase real fresh asparagus ("small, short ...). When processing should wash, thoroughly. Should split bamboo shoots out to Cook will penetrate more spice. Or can be processed in the following way: young asparagus very brittle, can bend "shoots to take part. The rest, could add little sugar to cook water, diuretic and detoxifying the liver very well. If you can't cook, you can dry the asparagus to spend.=