Recipes related to help couples easily sublimes in summer

1. Angel with a red medical Chemistry

A red chip in stunning maxi dress will make you more charming part, not only with your guy, but also in the sense of yourself. Moreover, he will definitely "like" when was admire the sexy body in bikini fragile red and charming!

The summer is considered the season fit and healthy when doing "it" if I knew how.

2. "Love" with the cool stone

Take a "break" for the "love" by the cool stone! You just get a cup of ice in the room, and to rock crawling back on your mouth and mouth guy, will certainly also many more interesting things waiting for you.

3. Do the same yourself ... go take a bath!

Occasionally, take a dip in the same guy asked you in the cool waters. Your spirit will recover extremely fast when the steam cool refreshing and perhaps make a "love" full sublimated back is what you deserve!

4. Maintain appropriate room temperature

Many couples prefer to cool the temperature by adjusting the air-conditioning, or to direct two blowing fans, this is not good because there is a tendency to cause a cold summer. Room temperature too high also ruined the atmosphere and affect sexual function. Therefore, before going to bed the couple you should open the window to cool the room as well as the circulation of air, then turn on the fan or air conditioner when closed. The room temperature should be kept at 27-28 degrees is appropriate.

5. Should love early in the morning

Early morning is the perfect time for the lovely summer days because it was the cool period of the day. At the same time according to the researcher, in the early morning and midnight is the time of man's body produces more testosterone. This hormone type decides men's libido, will help him and energized in "it".

In addition, the majority of men waking up in status for the erectile blood circulation to the small boy is enhanced throughout the night so early sex will bring you and the guy most sublimated moments.=