Revealing the ideal time frame to keep doing that is sublimating

That, now the highest lust?

Health experts have revealed in a recent study that the best time for a couple to have sex is at 3 pm.

Around this time the testosterone levels in men are at their climax, with more desire. If you have sex at this time, it will bring a lot of emotions and feelings of orgasm are also higher than other times.

One thing worth mentioning is that, if men have sex at this time, they will tend to care and focus on the feelings of the woman, they will try to make the other half satisfied to achieve more emotions.

Besides, there is also an equally good time for couples. That was 10 days after the ovulation of the woman. This is said to be the time when the woman has a high desire, thinking more about it.


12 o'clock: When you see a sexy colleague, male sex hormones will not produce at first. If he feels attracted to someone, his nervous system will take action.

Immediately a good neurotransmitter called Endorphins - activates blood flow to his genitals. And the sex hormones will take a long time to increase.

However, when confronted with a sexy person, naturally men will increase testosterone levels high enough to comfortably flirt with the opposite sex. Men with lots of testosterone are also interested in women, according to researchers at Wayne State University (Michigan, USA).

According to associate professor of psychology Richard Slatcher - who has worked to investigate the connection between testosterone and attractiveness in men - if men have abundant testosterone, most women say they are fascinated. when looking at him.

13:00: Studies show that testosterone levels in women tend to be driven by predictions about their ability to have sex with their partner. In a study by the University of Texas, people collected 5 saliva types from women who had a long relationship.

The experiments were done two weeks earlier, before they saw the male partner, the day before, before sex, the day after sex and 3 days after the two separated. The amount of testosterone in women peaked the day before they looked back on their partner.


21:00: At this hour, men's testosterone drops to its lowest level of the day, while in the weakest, the highest level is reached. Therefore, it is likely that women will be ready to go to bed. Gabrielle Downey explained: 'Sexual needs in women are not a simple story.

For men, the biggest influence on sexual issues is testosterone, while in women, the biggest stimulus is her own body image and charm. ' That means that if women feel they are not attractive, they are less likely to have sex.

That's why women with versatile ovaries, who have increased testosterone, do not increase libido. They often look at themselves and feel anxious about their weight, criticizing themselves for being ugly - and without these their sexual hormones will soar. '

22:00: Although the testosterone levels in men are currently at their lowest, they still prefer to have sex in the evening. Gabrielle said: 'It is said that women need a reason, and men simply need a landing pad, I think that's true.

Although testosterone levels in men can decrease, their libido levels are still higher than women, they are ready to go to the wharf. ' Once the couple is in love, if the female's testosterone level is peaking because it's in the middle of her monthly cycle, women's orgasms are usually more intense and their bodies feel this together. .

When testosterone levels are low, a woman's sex drive is less stressful and concentrated around the genitals.

23 hours: During the orgasmic moment, the oxytocin hormone is released - it helps the couple close together. In men, the binding hormone helps the prostate and reproductive glands contract smoothly. In women, it helps trigger uterine contractions, promoting semen movement to the ovaries.

The release of oxytocin after sex also explains why men easily fall asleep after being satisfied with love.